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Readers Respond: What do You Think of The Smith & Wesson Model 66 357 Magnum Stainless Revolver?

Responses: 88


The S&W Model 66 revolver has gotten pretty popular over the years, and considering that it was built for 34 years, that makes sense. Have you used one? What did you think of its accuracy? How about reliability and trigger pull? Does it carry well? Did it ever get you out of a scrape? Fill us in! Do not ask a question or expect a reply! I cannot reply to you here. Please post in the forum if you have a question.

Good to Go

S&W is now making the 66 again in 4" (it's listed on their website, http://www.smith-wesson.com ). Hope they remake the 2.5", I'd buy it.
—Guest fred

Model 66-2

I love classic guns for my collection. Recently acquired S&W 66-2 from a distant relative. I find it so accurate and reliable. My favorite jogging partner...
—Guest M-18 Dec 56

I Prefer the 66

I have S&W 66-2 that I bought for 140.00 when the local PD changed to the Beretta 9mm POS in the early 80's. Pachmayr grips, dead on all the time. I carry the Smith M&P 40 now, really like the 66-2 with quick loaders better because I could hit more than I can hit with the M&P, but the 40 has more rounds available. Non LEA, just shoot paper and metal targets. Kind regards.
—Guest Tommy

Great Gun

Carried the model 66 on duty as a Special Deputy in Marion County, IN and it's got to be one of the best guns to carry.


I bought my first 66 in 1973 (stainless sights and a 4 inch barrel), and carried this one or another I owned with a 2.5 inch barrel during more than 30 years in law enforcement. I installed custom grips on both guns, and they were as accurate as, and far more reliable than, any semiautomatic on the firing range. After thousands of rounds, these guns are still in excellent condition.
—Guest Bob

Thanks for the Info

I've looked all over the S&W web site for information on the model 66 to no avail. Then I did a google search and your web site was on the first page. It is a superb description of the gun. Thanks so much. I purchased mine about 1981 and have used it very little (less than 200 rounds). I hit a silhouette at 200 feet once and that impressed me.
—Guest Doug

S&W 66-2

I have wanted a S&W wheelgun for a long time. Just purchased the 66-2 from a friend. Beautiful gun. Will keep this one for a long time. The S&W revolver is a masterpiece. Friend wanted $600 but he sold it to me for $200. I have seen similar 4 inch revolvers selling for $500-600.
—Guest Ray

Had one long time ago

Had a 66-2 pinned and recessed chamber 2 1/2". Too much to control with SD loads for me, and since they are no longer supported by S&W I wouldn't recommend one any longer... there are no more barrels, cylinders, extractor stars, and so on. [NOTE: I have never needed replacement parts for any revolver I've owned, so I wouldn't fret too much, even if the above info is accurate. - RC]
—Guest Dave T

S&W Model 66

Retired Sheriff's office sergeant. Carried the Model 66 for years and love it. Will pass on to my boy who is a state trooper. I now carry Glock 23 working as a process server, but my first love is the Model 66.

Protection of Choice

The feel and accuracy of this model is fantastic. Being a single mother of two, I feel secure and confident at all times out or at home. I have recommended this model to two of my friends, one of which bought the same model, while the other purchased the smaller .38 Special version. We all target practice together now and have gotten quite good. Thanks Smith & Wesson for such a comfortable and reliable firearm.
—Guest Frances

S & W 66-3

I am getting ready to bid on a s/s 3in. with nice wood grips. I am not sure what I should pay for this at auction. It appears to be in good condition.
—Guest LB

Great Gun

The S&W Model 66 is the best 357, period. I have several 357s and S&W are the best, BAR NONE!
—Guest Oscar Fig

I Dearly Love my S&W Model 66

My first and only S&W Model 66 is a 66-2 with a 4 inch barrel which I bought while in the Houston (PD) Academy in 1982. While in the Academy on the firing range I had FTFs two days in a row and the instructor wasn't near me either time so she, (yes... a "she" who shot distinguished expert, i.e. perfect score, every time I saw her shoot... which was a lot over time), blamed it on me so on the 2nd day I went to her after class and poured out my "sob" story. She listened, took it to the department gun shop that night and from the next day onward it never FTF again. (I have no idea what was the matter with it but guess it was a maladjusted hammer spring. In any event it was definitely an obvious error from the factory). I carried it my whole career and although most of my fellow officers moved on to semi-automatics, (especially 9mm's as they became popular because of the magazine capacity), I stuck with the 66 because I saw too many cases where 9mm just didn't have the knockdown power.
—Guest Harold Butterworth

Dallas PD 100th anniversary pistol

I've owned and carried several model 66 revolvers on duty. I've owned 4", 2 1/2" and 6" models. In 1981 the Dallas Police Department became 100 years old. The model 66 was chosen to be the basis for the engraved model they commissioned to celebrate the century. We could only buy one and they only ordered enough to cover all of the badge numbers that were current at that time. Great shooters, but a steady diet of hot .357 mag rounds shot a few loose. Most of our guys never fired that many rounds. This was never an issue weapon for DPD, but was authorized for carry and was very popular until we moved on to the Sig auto pistols for issue.


I have a 66-1 north Carolina highway patrol still has the state seal on the side what would it be worth mint? -- Hard to say... maybe $500?? if it's NIB. - RC
—Guest Mike
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