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Readers Respond: What do You Think of The Smith & Wesson Model 66 357 Magnum Stainless Revolver?

Responses: 110


The S&W Model 66 revolver has gotten pretty popular over the years, and considering that it was built for 34 years, that makes sense. Have you used one? What did you think of its accuracy? How about reliability and trigger pull? Does it carry well? Did it ever get you out of a scrape? Fill us in! Do not ask a question or expect a reply! I cannot reply to you here. Please post in the forum if you have a question. Tell me About it

Model 66-2

I love classic guns for my collection. Recently acquired S&W 66-2 from a distant relative. I find it so accurate and reliable. My favorite jogging partner...
—Guest M-18 Dec 56

Model 66 Value?

This gun was given to me and I love it, but a family member wants it. I told him I would sell it for what the gun is worth, serial no. 4K862xx with 4 inch barrel, HELP. [ -+- From Russ Chastain: In Feb 2014, current Blue Book on a 66 in 90% condition is $460. It's often helpful to look at completed auctions on gunbroker.com to see what they have actually been selling for. -+- ]
—Guest Gabe Ryan

Model 66-1 2 1/2

The most-carried handgun in our armory. Carried it with snake shot in these humid southern climates for the past 30+ years that I've owned it. The best concealed carry snubbie around.
—Guest bluegrassman

Smith & Wesson Model 66 no dash

I just traded a S&W model 4053 auto for a S&W Model 66 no dash, and can't wait to shoot it! I've been wanting one to carry while hunting. The 4053 40 cal just didn't stop a hog when I would walk up on one, and I've heard a 357 would do the job. [Note from RC: A 44 magnum is a much better choice.]
—Guest iceman

Perfection in a handgun

Bought a Model 19 that was issued to me by the New Mexico Department of Corrections in the 1980s when I worked at the "Old Pen." The Department traded them off for AR-15s. I paid 175.00. It was a tack driver then & still is. Saw a Model 66 in excellent condition for $475.00 at a local gun shop, in a Smith & Wesson hand-tooled Holster, and said I'll take it. Not Afraid to go into "close quarter" combat with two K-Frames I can hit the X 10 out of 10 with either hand at 55 years old!
—Guest mike

S&W 66-4 - 2" Barrel & Adjustable Sights

I own a 66-4 with short barrel and adjustable sights, in excellent condition.
—Guest Philip Miller


I have a Model 66 with two serial numbers. The one on the butt is 4K9319 and the one underneath the cylinder is 4K9419. Any thoughts on this revolver? ---- [ The number on the butt may be more dependable, since some 66s don't have the SN under the crane at all. But if you want to know for sure, I recommend you contact S&W and ask them. - RC ]
—Guest David

66-1 19-1

I own both of these dash 1s. The 66 is a snubby and the 19 is a 4 inch. With the value of these going up and up, I have locked them away, and if I have the urge to carry a wheel gun, I break out one of my two Colt troopers or a Taurus. Most likely the Taurus
—Guest JD

66 no Dash - My First Gun

Bought it in '74 because I liked a friend's nickel 19. It's been my friend for a long time. Now to find how to make it my conceal carry.
—Guest Pratt Kid


My 66 is a 4 1/2" stainless, which I bought new in 1975 as a cadet with the Houston PD. I still own it and it was as faithful to me as I was to it (cleaning & oiling). It will be passed down to a son as will my 12 Gauge Stevens side by side sawed off shotgun that I also started with in 1975. They are both very reliable! I had to shave the left side of the factory grips to feed my speed loaders during qualifications. It would catch on the grip and there was a chance you would lose time and shells if you didn't shave the grip. In the 1980s, I retired it when I went to motorcycles and got a pistol (Glock Model 22, 40 caliber). We rode in all types of weather and it was hard on the wooden grips and with the grime and had to be cleaned frequently. That was the only reason it was retired, but is shot in my retirement and always loaded and ready.
—Guest Paco

357 model 66

I bought my 357 Smith and Wesson back in 1988 in Michigan. It has the original wood grip like the cops used to carry. Someone tried to over me 500 dollars for it, I think that was a low price.
—Guest Thomas Osborne


My dad passed away last year, and left me the same gun that you are talking about.
—Guest Ray

357 Model 66-4

Bought a 357 66-4 police trade-in about 12 years ago for home defense. Great-shooting gun with fixed sights. I practice regularly with it. Best gun I own.
—Guest jim rawls

Model 66 stainless combat

I carried the model 66 stainless for several years in the jungles of Panama. Most reliable hand gun I have ever owned.
—Guest Larry

Great Revolver

The Smith 66 - and its cousins the 65 and 19 - are indeed some excellent handguns. I have owned, carried, and used them quite extensively for about 35 years, and they have never let me down. Most of the time mine were loaded with the FBI/Chicago PD 158+P grain lead hollowpoints, an excellent and controllable round I'd still bet my life on to this day. Simply beautiful, well designed revolvers.
—Guest RB

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What do You Think of The Smith & Wesson Model 66 357 Magnum Stainless Revolver?

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