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Who are Hunters?

I took a number of does over the years, to help fill my freezer.

Just who are hunters, anyhow? Strange, bloodthirsty backwoods hillbillies? Or maybe just regular folks? Hmmm...

Hunting Spotlight10

Definition of Wall Hanger

Definition of wall hanger as it pertains to guns and shooting. What is a wall hanger, and what is it good for? Find out here.

Definition of Sporter, Sporterize

Definition of sporter or sporterize as it pertains to guns and shooting. What is a sporter or sporterized rifle, and what is it good for? Find out here.

Guns Across the Border by Mike Detty Book Review

Although the title says "the U.S. Government smuggled guns into Mexico," that's not exactly the case - as you will learn in this detailed account by Mike Detty. But ATF did allow - even encourage - the sale of guns which they knew would be taken into Mexico for illicit purposes during Operation Wide Receiver, much like Fast and Furious.

Farm to Feet 100% American Socks Review

Farm to Feet makes 100% American socks, and I tried three different kinds (Englewood, Hickory, Ansonville) in various hunting conditions. They performed well, and I love the patriotic aspects...

Delicious Bacon-Topped Deer and Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

Recipe for delicious venison and turkey meatloaf with bacon on top.

Definition of Venison

What kind of meat is venison? Does its meaning only refer to deer meat - and if not, what does it mean? Find out here.

Birchwood Casey Ground Strike Reactive Targets Review

I tried a variety of these targets, and found them to be very durable - plus they're made in the USA. Read the review to learn more.

Bug-A-Salt Fly Shooting Gun Review

The Bug-A-Salt fly-shooting gun is fun and fairly safe to use, but it's not a toy. Well, okay... it's kind of a toy - but it's not for kids.

How to Fix Revolver Grips

How to fix revolver grips. These grips had become loose over years of shooting, and couldn't be replaced. Here's how I fixed them better than new.

Definition of Touch Hole

Definition of Touch Hole as it pertains to guns and shooting. What is a touch hole, and what is it good for? Find out here.

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