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Who are Hunters?

I took a number of does over the years, to help fill my freezer.

Just who are hunters, anyhow? Strange, bloodthirsty backwoods hillbillies? Or maybe just regular folks? Hmmm...

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How Ammunition and Firearms Cartridges are Named - What Makes a 30-06 a 30-06?

Tuesday April 15, 2014

When it comes to naming cartridges, there are no rules. Sometimes they don't even make sense. This often stems from the fact that the folks who develop new rounds are mavericks who don't easily conform. Other factors include changing standards... at one time in the 1800s, caliber plus black powder charge was the norm (45-70, 32-20, 44-40, etc). Along came smokeless powder, and that trend was of course upset. Here are some examples of cartridge names, what they mean, and how they vary.

Learn How Ammunition Cartridges Are Named

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Should You Always Hunt With a Fouled Bore?

Monday April 14, 2014

I've hunted for a long time and have made a few great shots along with a bunch of good ones, and I've never babied my rifle's bore. In general, I believe you should always hunt with a fouled rifle bore. How fouled is too fouled? Well, if you eyeball down your bore and see hunks and chunks, you need to swamp it out. Knock out the big pieces and give it a light coat of oil (I like to do the same after toting a rifle in the rain). Read on to learn more...

Read why you should always hunt with a fouled bore.

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Wheeler Engineering Magnetic Laser Bore Sighter Review

Thursday April 10, 2014

This is a rare find... a new product that easily earned five stars from me. It's simple, really: a device that sticks to a rifle or shotgun muzzle magnetically and projects a laser parallel with the barrel's bore - so you can get your scope or sights close before you start burning ammo to sight it in. Nothing to go into the barrel, no way it can harm the rifling, and no chance of ruining your barrel's crown. Better yet, the green laser version is easily visible at quite a distance - and a reflective surface is included, in case you want to go ape and boresight at long range. Check out this review for more info.

Read the Review of Wheeler Engineering Magnetic Laser Bore Sighter

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Cerama-Coat Spray and Bake Gun Finish Review

Wednesday April 9, 2014

When I overhauled a ratty old Mauser, I used this to refinish the metal. While the gun turned out to be very nice-looking, the finish isn't exactly professional-quality. Then again, I was able to do it at home, by myself, without sending the gun away and dropping a big wad of cash. It's supposed to be super-tough; read the review to learn about that...

Check out the Review of Cerama-Coat Spray and Bake Gun Finish From Wheeler Engineering

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