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Readers Respond: What do You Think of The Ruger Redhawk 44 Magnum Double Action Revolver?

Responses: 29


The Ruger Redhawk 44 magnum revolver has been around for more than three decades, and doesn't look like it will go away anytime soon. Have you used one? Did you think it was tough? How was the trigger? Was it reliable? Accurate? How did you use it (hunting/target/self defense)? Do not ask a question or expect a reply! I cannot reply to you here. Please post in the forum if you have a question. Tell us About it!

ruger redhawk

I don't know where you got your redhawk but you surely are not describing mine when you pan the trigger action....bah-humbug
—Guest robert bayer

Ruger Redhawk 44 mag

I wouldn't say I like the Redhawks because I have six of them. I use to get teased about how big and heavy they are and was told that I could always use them for boat anchors. Well, the laugh was on them. I will admit that the S&W is a more polished firearm and the trigger pull is smoother, but I have had a lot of fun taking my guns to the shooting range and out-shooting the pretty guns with loads that they wouldn't dare to shoot through their lighter-built guns. I then go over to the 50 yard range and begin to show off the accuracy of my Redhawks. I typically shoot groups that measure 2" or less from a rest. Bowling pins at 100 yards from a handgun usually draws attention and statements from the onlookers that they didn't think handguns were that accurate. Well for me I will continue to keep my Ruger Redhawks and enjoy their strength and accuracy. The only mods I do is install a set of Pachmayr Presentation grips, a Wolff 12 or 13 lb spring and a good dose of H110 powder.


I bought a used Ruger Redhawk 44 about 30 years ago. 7.5 and stainless. The gun is heavy and the trigger pull is also heavy. A long while back I took it to a gunsmith to have the trigger pull lightened. I now realize I could have done this myself with Wolfe springs. I have not shot a deer yet, but intend to. Do I like this gun? I love it! I can shoot quarters at 25 yards from the bench. I just bought some 310 grain Wide Flat nose bullets for reloading and plan to hog and deer hunt. I would recommend this gun to anyone for hunting. By the way, I shoot with the original wood grips. I simply cut multiple grooves in them (for shooting in hot weather with sweaty palms) and they work fine.
—Guest Barry

T Rogers

I have put all types of ammo through my 44, at 50 yards it hits right on target every time. I love this Ruger RedHawk. Time to hunt, too bad i don't have a tag, I'll just tag along!
—Guest Ram Jet

Ruger Redhawk 44 mag

I bought the stainless steel 7-1/2" version 30 years ago. It is a heavy gun. The single action trigger doesn't feel that hard, but the double action trigger does. It is a good gun and I would recommend it to anyone, especially the longer-barreled versions. It can be shot with one hand but the grips better be the Pachmayr kind which offer a better hand grip.
—Guest golujan

Redhawk - Bought in 1980

Had to have one back then. Had been shooting IHMSA with a Super Blackhawk and a 10" 7mm TC/U. Love at first match. Shot a 36/40 standing. Already knew sight settings from the SB. Big, heavy, carried in a shoulder holster in the high country north of Yosemite where the 'bad bears' were released. Felt confident with my insurance policy. Ideal boar gun for me; took several over dogs. One shot kills with head shots. Love it.
—Guest Ken

Not a Huge Fan

I have been a pistol shooter with automatics for 25 years and thought I would branch out to wheel guns on a lark. I realize that the Redhawk was probably not a wise choice as a first revolver. I thought it was just me, but the first time I fired mine, I could not believe the grip. Horrible! Like it was designed by someone who either does not have hands, or has never held a handgun. There are hundreds of examples of pistols that feel like they belong in your hand; this is an advantage that makes them easier and more fun to fire accurately. The trigger is also suitable only for that nightmare where you are being pursued by zombies, and have a gun in you hand which will not go off no matter how hard you squeeze. I will try the grip recommendation and a trigger job.
—Guest Newtowheelgsunguy

My Redhawk is Inaccurate

Wonder if I need new sights. I rest my hand on a sandbag; shoots very big group always too the left no matter how I adjust windage. Any suggestions? I think this should be an accurate gun. [NOTE: It probably has to do with the way you're gripping the gun. Study your grip to determine what you're doing that allows the gun to move left before the bullet leaves the barrel. - RC]
—Guest jaypedd

Ruger Redhawk 7.75" bbl .44 Mag in SS

Just a few words about a stunning shooter - had it less than 6 months; very very accurate, excellent trigger in SA - heavy as it can be in DA. Fits me well w/stock grips in Rosewood. Made in '82/ SN. A true keeper, especially with the .44 Special ammo to target shoot with since I cannot handle the big mags any more. Guest SteveB
—Guest SteveB

.44 Redhawk Rocks

I've had a 5.5 inch Redhawk since 1992. Had a trigger job done and put Herrett Stocks on it. It is perfect. Great Trigger, easy to carry, deadly accurate. I've shot several whitetail and a mulie buck with it, can easily hit an 8 inch pie plate at 100 yards. It handles my 320 grain hardcast loads super well. All told it's the nicest revolver I've handled.
—Guest chukardan

Ruger Redhawk 44 Magnum

I have had my gun about 5 years. It has a Leupold scope and is set for 100 yards. My gun has had almost $1000.00 worth of work done to it but well worth the price. When I'm not shaking and have had some shooting and have calmed down, I can hit the botton of a 12oz Pepsi can two out of three times at 100 yards - that's holding a group of about 3 inches. My age is 71 years. If I go out cold I still can hold a group of about 5 inches including the first shot. I love this gun and the way I have it set I would not take $5000.00 for it. I love to hunt deer with it. The first time I had it out a deer came out at 100 yards (this was before I had all the work done to it), and I aimed 6 inches over its back and the bullet hit 2/3 of the way down in the lungs. It only went 50 feet. Scared the hell out of me as I did not really think of hitting it. [EDIT: Then you shouldn't have fired. HUNTERS, YOU SHOULD NEVER FIRE AT ANY ANIMAL UNLESS YOU FEEL 100% CONFIDENT IN THE SHOT. -RC]
—Guest ED

Ruger Redhawk

I have a Ruger Redhawk in 41 mag with 7 1/2 inch barrel. Very accurate and the action is smooth. It may have been worked on since I bought it used. I replaced the stock grips with Pachmayrs and this was a big improvement. Based on my experience I highly recommend the Redhawk.
—Guest Glenn923

Love My Redhawk

I carry my 5.5 inch Redhawk on every hunting, fishing, snowshoe, and rafting trip I go on here in AK - no exceptions. The CCI Stinger shot shells are awesome for grouse and bunnies, but a bit expensive. I've also used it for blacktail deer and will be using it this spring for black bear. The Buffalo Bore website lists the Redhawk by name as one of the revolvers rated for the 340+P ammo. I shoot my Redhawk constantly and I guess that makes me a Redhawk lover.
—Guest jim

A Magnificent Brute

I've owned my 7.5 inch Redhawk for going on 20 years. Dirty Harry's 44 is is pretty, like Clint Eastwood in his youth. My Redhawk is plenty handsome if not a prettyboy. The Redhawk is a tool you can ask a lot of. It is tough; some say overbuilt. The original grips are a joke. The trigger pull is too heavy. If you are smart you'll get it magna-ported. But I love this gun. It shoots straighter than I can and shoots every brand and configuration of ammo I've ever fed it. If you drive a pick-up, wear 5 buckle galoshes over work boots, eat chicken-fried steak and don't give a dang about cholesterol, then the Redhawk is your gun.
—Guest DMVDV

Ruger 44 Super Redhawk

I bought my Redhawk about 30 years ago, in stainless steel with the 7 1/2" barrel. I did replace the wooden grips with Pachmayr grips and they are much better at gripping the gun. I have never tested that gun for accuracy. It can be fired with one hand; one just has to get used to it. Of course, using 44 special ammo will reduce recoil and still have plenty of power. I also have the stainless steel rings and scope. Nice gun.
—Guest Juan C Placencia

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