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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Bolt Action Deer/Big Game Rifle, and Why do You Like it?

Responses: 81


NOTHING beats a Browning

For those of you who shoot something else - you must have never shot a Browning.
—Guest Jinni Paley

Marlin XL7

Marlin XL7 - Because they shoot very well and are reasonably priced. I have one in 25-06 that shoots less than a half inch at over 100 yards.
—Guest 3456789

They're All Good

I own 5 of the 9 rifles...I see no difference in all as long as you buy quality mounts, rings, and scopes. I use different rifles for different areas... example longer shots 25-06.
—Guest jbryant

Why I love the Model 70

Simply the finest rifle I ever had was a Winchester pre-64. Next to that are my post-64's. The action is smooth, the accuracy is great and it just looks darned good at the same time.
—Guest douglas2712

Where's Blaser?

A superior rifle, I also own Dumoulin, CZ, and Sako bolt actions at the moment. The Blaser's stock, barrel and bolt head interchangeability have had me shooting American varmit to African plains game with the same rifle so far. If I'm going on a hunt with only one rifle, my 'offroad' Blaser is my first choice.
—Guest postalbuzzard

Ruger 77 mark2

I have had this rifle for 12 years in 308. I like the crisp trigger. Not too heavy to walk and stalk. I have taken several deer with it. I just took a nice Axis buck back in April. The bolt action is smooth and quick. The wood stock even now looks new.
—Guest Bastin

What's Your Favorite?

What's Your Favorite Bolt Action Deer/Big Game Rifle, and Why do You Like it?

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