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Readers Respond: What do You Think of the Colt Frontier Scout '62 22 SA Revolver?

Responses: 24


The Colt Frontier Scout revolver has been out of production for about 40 years now, but it still has plenty of fans. Are you one of them? Have you used this gun? How and where did you procure it? Please give us your opinion of this light little popper. Do not ask a question or expect a reply! I cannot reply to you here. Please post in the forum if you have a question. Tell us About it

Chuck Loves It

Great single action, I have used it for more than 58 years and never had a problem.
—Guest charles walters

Colt Frontier Scout 22 LR

I love mine which I found hidden in a house that my uncle had after he died in 1962. I took it home and cleaned it up. Whatever you point at, you hit. I like it better than my Walther P22. Now if i can just find a new extractor tube that my dog stole when i was cleaning it!
—Guest bob borden

Just put one on lay-a-way at my local GS

RC, you did a superb job on those grips! Especially for your first wood working project. You should be proud! I've always wanted a Colt SAA-style revolver, but I never knew that they made these .22 Scouts until I saw one at my local gun shop last week. I couldn't resist. It was made in 1964 and looks pretty good with little wear, and the lock up is nice and tight. Can't wait to shoot it.
—Guest John

Love the Colt Frontier Scout

I'm 50 years old and on my third 22 mag Frontier Scout, very accurate, in my opinion more stopping power than a 9mm and way more accurate! Used on a ranch for varmint control and to put down cattle, never had a problem penetrating skull. Shot many large varmints on the run easily 70-80 yards, no problem try doing that with a 9mm or any other handgun. 22 mag in my opinion is a wonderful protection round. I have seen what it can do to a 150-200 pound animal at 60 yards and had no problem going throuigh breaking ribs on both sides, and this revolver is very dependable even in extreme cold, try using a semi auto in 20 below.
—Guest Hawk

Colt Frontier Scout 22 Revolver

I have a Colt Frontier Scout with original box, tool, and magnum cylinder. The magnum cylinder has a little spot of bluing gone. It was my grandfather's and it's in excellent shape. Would consider selling for the right price. This one has an F in the serial number.
—Guest eric skeens

Nickel Plated Scout

I bought my Frontier Scout new in 1967. This one was nickel plated with walnut grips. Paid I think about $120.00 or so back then. She still looks great. I have had her 45 years. On my wish list is a Colt model 1911 45ACP. Don't want a new one, want an original even if it is well worn. Oh and I carried that Colt screw driver that came with it for many years and lost my keys long ago. Nothing like a Colt!
—Guest Jim

Colt .22 LR Frontier Scout

I inherited my dad's 22 LR Frontier Scout in early 2000. It had never been fired, but has had about 25-30 rounds thru it in the last 12 years. A total hoot to shoot. Not a scratch on it. Kept in a safe place and treasured. Also got Dad's pre-64 Win Model 94 30-30 at the same time. These are heritage guns, never to be sold. Guest SteveB
—Guest SteveB

Love the Frontier Scout

Nice Scout '62! And that grip looks first class! I have a dual cylinder (22 L.R. and 22 Magnum) Colt in the original box that I think my dad bought in Rawlins, WY in the 60's. On the side of the barrel is "COLT SINGLE ACTION FRONTIER SCOUT .22 CAL". You need a screwdriver to change cylinders, but that doesn't take too long - unless you left your screwdriver in your other pants!

Our Colt 22 Frontier was Stolen

Our Colt was in a safe that was moved by Starving Students Movers. The move was to take us to storage for thirty days while we waited for our home to close. The three thieves knew this and had a thirty day lead on us. When we began opening the storages and were removing items, we discovered that the safe was gone. This Colt was purchased by my father-in law in 1963 and when my husband returned from Viet Nam, he had some time on his hands and he made oak grips for the gun. Of course we reported this to police. I hope the thieves are stupid enough to sell the gun to a dealer.

Colt Frontier Scout Revolver w/ dual Cyl

My house just got robbed today and they stole the '62 Scout I had of my daddy's. He died in 1969 and it was all I had left from him. I would like to know how much it would cost to replace it or its value for the police report. (Although all the money in the world could never replace it to me because it was all I had left from him.) The revolver was blued, it had the ivory looking handles and they had the burnt look to them. Can anyone help me, please? [For current market values, try finding similar guns on http://www.gunsamerica.com and http://www.gunbroker.com/. Be sure to look for the extra cylinder when determining value, as that is somewhat rare. Very sorry to hear of your loss, and I hereby place the Charlie Hardin Hex upon the thief/thieves who stole it. The Hex is too coarse to explain here, but rest assured it is appropriate. - RC]
—Guest Melissa

Colt Frontier Scout 62 - 22LR SN 1881xP

I Just acquired this little shooter, saw it and wanted it, am sure overpaid. Can someone tell me anything about this shooter and what it is worth? Am looking forward to testing at the shooting range. [Value is very hard to quote, sight unseen. For a P suffix Frontier '62, approximate book values range from $150 up to $600. -RC]

Dad's gun

I remember my dad shooting the head off a rattlesnake outside Fort Collins, CO circa 1972 with this gun. I was just a boy but dad carried it on his hip in a holster anytime we were camping or hunting. I got it when he was killed in a car crash in 94. Still shoots great but the grips are broke (it was in the car when he died). Ser# 154945f. Any idea where I can get some grips? [FROM RUSS: I found available Colt Scout grips easily when I did a search for "grips for colt scout" (without the quotes). Good luck!]
—Guest Scott

Got it as a Gift

I think it is one the best guns I have shot. It's fun and accurate.

Colt 22 LR/22 mag.

I love my gun. Very accurate, good concealed carry, also.
—Guest lucky durand

Mine's Still in Excellent Condition

I bought it from K-Mart in the late 50s or sometime in the 60s. It has both cylinders, original box, illustrated parts list, & flat three pronged screw driver with the Colt logo. I don't shoot too much anymore but I do remember it wasn't very accurate. I have no desire to get rid of it.
—Guest Rags

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What do You Think of the Colt Frontier Scout '62 22 SA Revolver?

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