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Review of Peregrine Quick-Shot Shotgun and Rifle Holster

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The Bottom Line

The Peregrine Quick-Shot is an interesting and useful tool. It works well to keep your gun at the ready and to help support the gun's weight, but it can be a bit awkward at times, also. I think it's at its best on a dove field where you're spending your time standing still waiting for the birds to come, but it has the potential to do well for other types of bird hunting as well.

Peregrine Quick-Shot comes in camo. Black is also available, as well as brown leather.

This model of the Quick-Shot is camo, and includes a belt with shell loops. Other versions are available, and they come with or without belts.

Photo courtesy of Peregrine Field Gear

  • Made of tough, durable material ("all-weather polyester").
  • Lifetime warranty on the snaps and stitching.
  • Helps distribute the weight of your gun, so your arms aren't holding all of the weight.
  • Causes users to keep their guns pointed upward, which is a lot more safe than waving them around while trying to find a comfortable way to hold them.

  • Made in China (they do have a leather version that's made in USA - for a lot more money).
  • Can be awkward and uncomfortable.
  • Transfers weight to your hip(s), which isn't always optimal for men.

  • "Holster" for supporting the butt of a long gun (or crossbow, though it's not marketed that way).
  • Designed to keep your gun at the ready, and safely pointed upward.
  • Should work for both rifles and shotguns.
  • Specs say it will fit any gun with a butt length of 5 3/8" or less.
  • Available in black and camo waterproof and abrasion-resistant polyester fabric.
  • Also available in leather for substantially higher cost.
Peregrine Quick-Shot in use by a duck hunter in the field.

This photo shows the "holster" in use by a duck hunter.

Photo courtesy of Peregrine Field Gear
Guide Review

I've used the Peregrine Quick-Shot "holster" on the dove field and at the skeet range, and it works fairly well for what it is. And what it is, is a simple device meant to help take the strain off of your arms by helping to support the weight of your gun.

Simply place the butt of your shotgun, rifle, crossbow, etc into the reinforced pocket that hangs off of your waistline and keep one or two hands on it. This keeps it safely pointed upward and helps support its weight at the same time.

Unfortunately, it's not all peaches and cream with this product. While it's well-made and sturdy, I found it a bit awkward in use. It does help support the weight of your firearm, but the weight of the gun on my hips sometimes caused some fatigue and pain in my lower back.

The design of the product is very clever, and it unsnaps and unfolds quickly and easily for cleaning or for transporting it compactly. Mine is the camoflage version with belt, and the belt has bottomless elastic ammo loops and is approximately brown in color. I say "approximately" because it has a lot of red in it, and tends strongly towards maroon. Some folks might be bothered by that, but I don't much mind it. I don't usually get picky about camo and shades of color, as long as they don't jump out.

I think this product may work a little better for women than for men, simply because women are better built for supporting weight on their hips. We men usually do better holding and supporting things from our shoulders. That said, I think this is a great idea, but one that a hunter should approach cautiously.

Try holding your gun on your hip for a while, and see how you like it. Next time you go hunting, or are just hanging around the house with an empty shotgun or rifle, try it out. If it doesn't get old and start to bug you after a while, then chances are good that this product would work well for you.

It's a good idea, and a clever design - and the leather version is made right here in the good ol' USA.

- Russ Chastain

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