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Jason Turner, Men's Olympic Pistol Shooter


Photo of Olympic Pistol Shooter Jason Turner, 2004 and 2008 Olympic Shooter for the USA.

Photo of Olympic Pistol Shooter Jason Turner, 2004 and 2008 Olympic Shooter for the USA.

Photo courtesy of United States Olympic Committee

Double Whammy:

Jason Turner did mighty well in the 2008 Olympic tryouts, taking first place in two events (Free Pistol and 10m Air Pistol). After competing in both of those at the 2004 Olympics, Jason will have a better feel for what to expect in 2008.

He has said that the years leading up to the 2004 Olympics were all about learning to score high enough to qualify, and the four years after that were dedicated more to maintaining those high scores to keep him at the top of his game.

Long Time Shooter:

Born in 1975, Jason has been shooting competitively since 1987. In 1996 he switched from rifle to pistol and got busy earning medals with his handguns. With two past Olympic events and more than a decade of experience under his belt going into the 2008 Olympics, Jason Turner should enter the competition well prepared to bring the USA a solid win - or two.

Make That a Double:

When not practicing or competing, Jason has long been in the employ of Texas Roadhouse as a bartender and server. As the physical aspects of restaurant work continue to wear on him, I would imagine he dreams more and more often of doing what many other Olympic shooters do - shooting for a living.

He had a double chance to make good in 2008 at Beijing, just the thing to make that dream come true, and redefine the words "happy hour" in his personal vocabulary.

2008 Bronze in Beijing:

Jason initially placed fourth at the 10m Air Pistol event, just one point shy of earning a medal. Bad news for North Korean Kim Jong Su, though, became good news for Jason, when Kim tested positive for a banned beta blocker called Propranolol, and was stripped of both of his 2008 Olympic shooting medals (he initially won Silver in Men's 50m pistol, and lost that medal too).

Happily for Jason Turner, this left third place in 10m Air Pistol vacant, so Jason and the USA got the Bronze which initially went to the North Korean.

In his other 2008 Olympic event, Jason placed 21st in Men's 50m Pistol.

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