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Review of TerraLUX LightStar 80 LED Flashlight

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


The Bottom Line

I enjoyed using this light. It had a few flaws, but its handy size, light weight, brightness, and overall good design made up for them. Heck, I wish I still had it! It's a good light and it quickly got me addicted to carrying a handy little light with hand-free capability.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Compact and light.
  • Rubber BiteGrip on the end allows you to easily hold it in your teeth.
  • You can even switch it on with your tongue.
  • I requested the orange color, and enjoyed being able to find it easily.
  • Very bright for its size.
  • LED never needs to be replaced.

  • The clip is a bit weak.
  • Rubber BiteGrip can slip off while you're biting the light for hands-free use.
  • Made in China.
  • Included AAA batteries were Duracell brand (which has ruined game cams and a metal detector of mine) and one was defective from the start.
  • Doesn't float. :-/
The light I tested was orange anodized aluminum.

TerraLUX LightStar 80 LED flashlight light. I asked for the orange color so it wouldn't be lost when dropped in the woods. The clip can be reversed so you can clip it on your cap - I wish I'd tried that before it sank in Lake Sinclair.

Photo courtesy of TerraLUX, Inc.

  • Compact, light, bright LED flashlight.
  • Anodized aluminum body.
  • Available in several different colors (mine was orange).
  • Rubber BiteGrip allows you to easily hold it in your teeth.
  • Pushbutton switch on the end is stiff enough that it doesn't easily turn on accidentally, but I could switch it with my tongue while biting the light.
  • Uses two AAA batteries (included) with 5 hour run time.
  • 80 lumens (manufacturer's rating).
  • High CRI (color rendering index) for truer colors.
  • Part number TLF-802AAA-OR.
  • Clip can be reversed so you can clip it on the brim of a cap.
  • Water Resistant - but it sure doesn't float.

Compact and Light, I Like This Light

I received the TerraLUX LightStar 80 just before new year's, and used it constantly until it hopped off my pocket and into the drink at the end of March. During that time I learned to love some of its features and bemoan some others, but my experience with it was very positive overall.

What I liked most about this light was its ability to be easily used hand-free, but without having to search for a head-light and strap it on. I could simply pop the end of this thing into my mouth and chomp down on the rubber ring they call a BiteGrip, and use both my hands to work.

The rubber-covered pushbutton switch on the end of the light takes some effort to activate, and that's good because it prevents accidental switching. And although it took some effort, I could use the end of my tongue to switch the light on and off, leaving my hands free to dig through my pack or finish hanging a big hog without using up any more battery than necessary.

Speaking of saving battery life, I like how the switch can be pushed just a little to turn it on momentarily, providing a short burst of light without having to click-click it on and then click-click it again to turn it off.

When I first got the light, I took it outside and shined it up into the trees at night. It gets dark out here in the woods, but it was bright and my first impression was that this is a pretty damn good pen light. I'm fairly sure it's the brightest light of its size/shape that I have ever used.

After two or three months of constant use, it got to where the aluminum body would tend to push forward through the rubber BiteGrip ring when I switched it with my tongue. Perhaps I got saliva under the ring or perhaps it was just stretching with use - I'm not sure.

The clip was on the weak side for my usual use, which is to clip it to the side of my left front pants pocket, on the outside of my pants. This light would often come unclipped - which is the reason I no longer own it. I stood up while fishing in a friend's boat and the light hopped off my pocket and into the transom area - which is open to the water. A clank and a bloop and that was the end of my light.

Too bad it doesn't float.

I miss this light. I didn't realize how addicted I'd become to having a light I could comfortably use hands-free without having to wear it strapped to my head or clipped to my cap.

- Russ Chastain

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