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Hunting and Shooting Know-How


Knowledge bank for the hunter and shooter. Need to know how it's done? This is the place to find out!
  1. Basics
  2. Hunting How-tos
  3. Shooting How-tos
  4. Gunsmithing/Gun Care
  5. Black Powder/Muzzleloading


Basic know-how. Glossary, animal tracks, and other basic hunting & shooting info.

Hunting How-tos

Know-how for the hunter. Tree stand safety, walking in the woods, venison care, and more.

Shooting How-tos

Know-how for the Shooter. Accurate shooting, sighting in, and the like.

Gunsmithing/Gun Care

How to take care of your guns, and make changes/repairs as necessary.

Black Powder/Muzzleloading

Know-how info on muzzleloading and black powder guns.

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