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Spanish Model 93 Mauser 7x57 Part 9: Conclusion, Finished Rifle, Tools Etc


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Beginnings, the Pits
Orange highlights beautify the stock, while rust pits testify to the gun's age.

Old rust pits are plainly visible on the receiver, as are imperfections on the bolt shroud. To me, these serve to highlight the gun's history. I love the small orange highlights that appear here and there on the laminated stock.

Photo © Russ Chastain

I began with an old, rattly, rusty, rotten-stocked 1893 Mauser that was made in Oviedo, Spain in 1928. The barrel bore was not only oversized due to corrosion, it was incredibly rusted and skanky inside. Headspace was grossly oversized. Anything that didn't rattle was bent, badly rusted, or both. The only saving grace was that the bolt was in pretty good shape, and the action did operate well enough to fire.

It was an old military gun, and as much as I like to retain originality in such guns, this one was the perfect candidate for an overhaul. It had been cobbled together from old parts, and most of the serial numbers were mismatched. And, the price was right (free).

The Pits

Although I used Evapo-Rust to clean up this rifle, the rust left pits in the receiver that are clearly visible in the photo above. I don't resent them; they bear witness to this gun's previous life. On the plus side, the laminated stock looks great and I love the few small orange highlights that emerged from it during stock finishing.

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