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Spanish Model 93 Mauser 7x57 7mm Rifle Build - Starting the Gunsmith Work


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Bent Firing Pin
My '93 Mauser had a bent firing pin.

The firing pin in my 1893 Mauser was bent - and soft. After experiencing some misfires, I replaced it with a good used firing pin and haven't had any more problems.

Photo © Russ Chastain
As I explained in a separate article, I fell heir to an old ratty Spanish Mauser 1893 rifle, determined that almost all of it was in horrible condition, and decided that I was going to rebuild the rifle. This article contains details on the beginning stages of my work on the old warhorse.

I approached the project a bit randomly... I would find a problem and deal with it, then move on to another, until the job was completed. Most of the time I didn't do the work in any particular order. This time, I began with the firing pin. It may be worth noting that at this stage, I hadn't received any new parts or items for this specific project; I was just working with what I had on hand.

As you can see in the photo, the tip of the firing pin was bent. It was also pretty dang soft and easy to straighten - which bothered me, because its job is to clobber metal primers with enough force to crush them and thus cause ignition of the powder in a cartridge.

Once I had the rifle built and was only lacking finish work on the stock, I took it to the range. While there, I experienced some misfires due to light primer strikes, so off to eBay I went, and there I purchased a nice used firing pin for the old gal. After installing it, I had no more problems with misfires.

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