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Smith & Wesson Model 66 357 Magnum Stainless Steel "Combat" Revolver Review


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Smith & Wesson Model 66 Review, Continued, Original Box and Paperwork
Photo of Smith & Wesson Model 66 357 Magnum Stainless Combat Revolver with factory original box, etc

Photo of the left side of Smith & Wesson Model 66 357 Magnum Stainless Combat Revolver, first engineering change (66-1), with factory original box, paperwork, and accessories.

Photo copyright Russ Chastain
The photo shown here is of the Smith & Wesson Model 66 along with its original factory box, some of the original S&W paperwork that came with it, the wood factory grips, and the obligatory screwdriver that was included with so many S&W revolvers over the years.

The original paperwork includes an instruction pamphlet with parts list, pamphlets on S&W ammo and holsters, and two different small pamphlets entitled "Safety & Instructional Materials for your Smith & Wesson Firearm."

I would be remiss if I neglected to mention the time when this gun saved Dad from being involved in a crime - as a victim.

Having become a man of advanced years, Dad was driving on the streets of Tampa, Florida some years ago, and had stopped for a red light, with no other vehicles in sight. A hulking hunk of glowering humanity - the type of fellow who spreads the heebie-jeebies the way Santa Claus spreads good cheer - loitered on the sidewalk nearby, and then began to approach Dad's side of his pickup truck, evidently with ill intent. There was nobody else around.

Dad saw this out of the corner of his eye, and without making eye contact with the thug he casually reached under the seat, laid his hands on the holstered revolver's grip, raised it momentarily high enough that it could be seen by the miscreant, and laid it on the seat beside him.

Said miscreant immediately changed directions, and another crime was prevented by the mere presence of a firearm.

In conclusion: The Smith & Wesson Model 66 revolver is a 6-shot 357 Magnum K-frame double-action revolver, made of stainless steel. It's a durable, reliable, accurate, well-made handgun, suitable for target shooting as well as self-defense. Its stainless steel finish makes it ideal for use in harsh environments, though it will still rust under some conditions.

- Russ Chastain

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