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Colt Frontier Scout 62 22 Magnum Single Action Revolver


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Colt Frontier Scout 62 22 Magnum SA Revolver Review/Profile, Conclusion
Left side of Colt Frontier Scout '62 single action 22 magnum revolver, with ammo and original grips.

Left side of Colt Frontier Scout '62 single action 22 magnum revolver, with ammunition and original grips.

Photo copyright Russ Chastain
The photo shows the Colt Frontier Scout '62 with factory grips and five rounds of 22 WMR ammunition.

One of the factory grip panels is quite broken up (and the inside is worse). The other one is also cracked inside and out. I have never regretted replacing them with my homemade walnut grips - in fact, I'm proud that I did so well on my first try, with very little woodworking experience.

The bluing on this gun has seen better days. Much of it is worn off the front left side of the barrel, and the cylinder is missing some blue opposite each chamber. It hasn't had an easy life, but it's been true and dependable.

This particular gun is a personal symbol of courage and kindness and love, and will always remind me of my good-hearted uncle, Daddy's kid brother, who chose to give it to me instead of doing something much less honorable with it.

Colt Scout revolvers have nominal 4.75" and 9.5" barrels, though they typically measure 1/16" short. The long ones were marked as Buntline Scouts, but are usually listed with Frontier Scouts in reference books.

For overall feel, it's very hard to beat the pointability of a Colt single action revolver. When you pick one up, you find that it points as naturally as you'd point your finger.

In summary:

The Colt Frontier Scout '62 is a six-shot single action revolver. This one is chambered for 22 WMR, but they were also made in 22 LR. Ammunition is not interchangeable. Some models were sold with both 22 WMR and 22 LR cylinders, which made the Scout a fairly flexible play-purty.

The Scout's fixed sights don't lend themselves to serious target shooting, but it can certainly provide a lot of fun at the range. Neither the 22 LR nor the 22 WMR is a great self-defense round, but if you have to choose one for that purpose, go with the magnum.

It's a quality gun, and I'm happy to own one.

Russ Chastain

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