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How to Remove the Bolt from Ruger 44 Magnum Carbine

How to Disassemble, Clean, and Reassemble a Ruger 44 Magnum Semi-Auto Carbine.


How to remove the bolt from Ruger 44 Carbine receiver. It's all lined up, and ready to remove.

Ready to remove the bolt from a Ruger 44 Magnum Carbine.

Photo by Russ Chastain, all rights reserved.
To remove the bolt from your Ruger carbine, turn the receiver upside-down. Rotate the bolt towards the opening in the side of the receiver and move it about halfway back, as shown in the photo. When it's in this position, it can be lifted out of the receiver.

Now you can remove the object you used to hold the ejector out of the way, if you used that method.

I don't recommend further disassembly of the bolt.

The bolt can be installed back into the receiver by simply reversing the operation. Don't forget to move the ejector out of the way while you reassemble it.

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