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Definition of Chamber as it Relates to Guns and Firearms


Definition: When used as a noun, "chamber" refers to the portion of a breech-loading gun or firearm in which the cartridge is contained when said cartridge is in shooting position.

In rifles and pistols, the chamber is typically located at the rear end of the barrel. A revolver has multiple chambers, which are contained in its cylinder.

Another noun form is "chambering," which refers to the cartridge which fits a particular gun. For example, if a gun is intended for use with the 30-06 cartridge, its chambering is said to be 30-06.

When used as a verb, "chamber" may mean to place a round of ammunition into the chamber. This may be done by inserting a cartridge into the chamber directly from your hand, or by working the gun's action to do so.

Chamber may also be used as a verb to refer to the act of cutting a chamber into a firearm. To chamber a new barrel means to use a special reamer to cut a cavity, or chamber, of specific dimensions into its rear end. The dimensions of the barrel's chamber and bore dictate what type of ammunition may be safely used in it.

When you chamber a round of ammunition, you're putting it into the gun's chamber.

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