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The Savage AccuTrigger Adjustable Rifle Trigger
When Introduced, this Infinitely-Adjustable Rifle Trigger was Something Entirely New.

In late 2002, Savage Arms announced a new innovation, available beginning in January of 2003 in certain models of Savage rifles, which they called the Savage AccuTrigger adjustable rifle trigger. We shooters had become used to factory triggers being heavy -- too heavy for very accurate shooting, as a rule. Adjusting even the adjustable models can be a hairy business, often best left to skilled gunsmiths. But, as they used to say on the old Monty Python television show, "Now for something completely different!"

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It's not all that often that something entirely new happens in the world of rifles. Most often what's touted as a new improvement is something that was invented decades ago and has simply escaped the attention of most of the current generation of shooters. But in the case of Savage's AccuTrigger, it is indeed something entirely new, and definitely worth talking about.

Savage has a well-earned reputation for building rifles that are very accurate, right out of the box. This is largely due to the ingenious, efficient design created by the late Nicholas Brewer, and no other rifle is built quite like Savage's 110 series. With its admittedly unattractive locknut uglying up the barrel where it threads into the receiver, it is easily recognizable... and this locknut design is a big part of what makes these rifles so consistently accurate.

What hinders most Savage shooters from shooting as well as their guns will allow is the typical hard-as-heck trigger pull that factories give their guns in these days of increased manufacturer liability. And while many factory triggers are adjustable (Savage included), it's usually not a good idea to mess with the adjustments yourself unless you really know what you're doing... and it's also tough to get the pull you want without coughing up the cash to buy an aftermarket trigger and have it installed.

The AccuTrigger looks to change all that, by giving the customer an infinitely adjustable trigger with a weight of pull between 1.5 and 6 pounds, capable of being adjusted by the owner, with no creep, and no danger of accidental discharge even at the lightest setting! This is unprecedented, unheard of, and extremely cool -- and we have Savage to thank.

While I haven't shot one yet, I have examined the mechanism in person, and it is certainly impressive. Trigger pull is crisp and good, and detractors of Savage triggers should try the AccuTrigger before they say any more against Savage rifle trigger pulls. I'm a big fan of Savage rifles already, and becoming more of one all the time.

Even before I'd handled a rifle with the new trigger on it, I drew some interesting conclusions. Mainly, that the AccuTrigger has got to be pretty dang idiot-proof, or Savage would never have introduced it -- certainly not as a user-adjustable trigger anyhow. While we all like to think that we know our way around our guns, we have to face the fact that there are a lot of idiots in the world. Moreover, Savage has got to face that fact -- and they're doing it without flinching. That, if nothing else, speaks very highly of the safety of the new trigger.

The AccuTrigger's safety comes from a feature Savage is calling the AccuRelease. It's a lever thingamabob, integral with the trigger. You pull it first, dragging it back until it's flush with the trigger, and then the actual "trigger pull" as we know it begins. If the AccuRelease is not fully depressed, then the sear is blocked and the rifle cannot fire.

(image above property of Savage Arms)

Only time will tell if the AccuTrigger is embraced or rejected by today's riflemen (and women), but the way that recently-introduced items have been eagerly received tells me that the Savage AccuTrigger definitely has the potential to do just what Savage is claiming it will do -- "forever change the way shooters expect triggers to function."

-Russ Chastain

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