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Hunting: Deer and other Big Game

How-to info, deer hunting products, thoughts on trophy hunting, camo, moon phases, big game hunting stories, articles about hunting, and more.

Story of a Rifle: Passing on the Hunting Tradition With a Tool of the Trade
An old hunter's generosity brings new enthusiasm to a young hunter, and allows a rifle that had fallen by the wayside to become a treasured possession once again.

A Danjo Doe - Taking a Deer With Dad's Dan Wesson 44 Revolver
Taking this deer had been a long time coming... I'd first tried to use Dad's Dan Wesson 44 magnum revolver five years earlier, and failed miserably. Then came my late father's birthday, and I tried again...

What to do When Nothing is Happening During a Hunt
When nothing happens on a hunt - and it's sometimes amazing how often that happens - one must stick with it and remain confident.

Taking Twin-Sticker: How a Dozen-Years' Journey Brought my Best Buck (So Far)
The tale of ol' Twin Sticker isn't much if you only look at the morning on which I took him, but it was actually a high point of a hunting journey that had begun more than a dozen years earlier.

The One That Almost Got Away - This Doe Almost Became the First Deer I Ever Lost
For more than three decades, I roamed the woods in pursuit of deer, taking them home from time to time - and I'd managed to never lose one that I'd hit. I'd had to do some nerve-wracking blood-trailing before, but nothing like this. Find out how I turned what looked like certain defeat into victory - but not without learning a hard lesson along...

A Made-to-Order Buck
Once upon a time, there were some hunters, some deer, and a game camera. On one fine November day, they all came together in a most interesting way. A prime example of how a game camera can be an excellent scouting tool for a deer hunter.

Dead Man's Deer
The long deer season at our south Georgia lease had been a bit disappointing and kind of boring, but it was destined to get a lot more interesting - in both good and bad ways - before it was over.

The Bionic Buck
Once you read this deer hunting tale, you may agree that this whitetail earned the name I later gave him: The Bionic Buck. Taken one rainy morning in the woods of central Georgia, this critter required two rounds of 308 ammo to put him down for the count - and he got up and left after the second shot! Yes indeed, this is truly the tale of a buck...

First Blood on a New Hunting Lease
I'd worked on this hunting lease for more than six months before the season, just hoping that I'd have some great hunting. Up until this hunt, it hadn't been so good...

Colorado Elk Hunt 2009
Colorado elk hunting 2009 - My first experience hunting elk in Colorado was interesting and eventful, and I really enjoyed hunting with Larry Osborn of Triple O Outfitters. This hunt included five full days of new sights and sensations!

Colorado Elk Hunt 2009
Colorado elk hunting 2009 - My first experience hunting elk in Colorado was interesting and eventful, and I really enjoyed hunting with Larry Osborn of Triple O Outfitters. This hunt included five full days of new sights and sensations!

Archery Buck Number One
Photos of My First Archery Buck

My First Archery Buck
A good place to hunt, fresh acorns on the ground, and decades of deer hunting experience all came together to make this hunt successful. It's a good hunting story on its own, plus it also contains valuable lessons for all deer hunters.

What Does Hunting Mean to You?
Hunting is a very personal experience, and we don't all do it for the same reasons. Or maybe we do, and we don't always express it the same way. Anyhow, this is to be a collection of quotes from readers, telling what hunting means to them.

2008 Georgia Deer Hunt Photos
2008 Georgia Deer Hunt Photos

Good Things Come to Those Who Hunt
Once upon a time, some fellows went deer hunting in Georgia. The weather? Ugly. The brush? Thicker than it had been in previous years. The outcome? Absolutely wonderful.

Dad Just Keeps on Hunting
Dad didn't have many friends, but the ones he had were good ones. Art was one of those friends, and it had been many years since they'd hunted together. Now it seemed like Dad was helping Art from beyond the grave.

Profile of Mule Deer, From a Hunter's Viewpoint
Profile of mule deer. The mule deer is a much-hunted deer that lives primarily in the western half of North America.

Where to Shoot a Wild Hog, and How Much Gun to Use
Where is the kill zone on a wild hog? And how much gun is enough? This article answers those questions, and more.

Profile of Elk, From a Hunter's Viewpoint
Profile of elk (wapiti). The elk is the second-largest member of the deer family in the world, and is much sought-after by hunters.

Profile of Whitetail Deer, From a Hunter's Viewpoint
Profile of Whitetail Deer. The whitetail deer is the most sought-after game animal in the USA, for good reason.

Top Ways to Miss a Deer
Top Ways to Miss a Deer

Hogzilla II Wasn't Raised in the Wild
They say Hogzilla 2 wasn't wild. Does it matter that the big hog wasn't raised in the wild? Is it ethical to hunt a farm-raised pig?

Whitetail Wisdom book by Daniel E. Schmidt
Review of Whitetail Wisdom book by Daniel E. Schmidt. Very interesting book with a lot of good deer hunting info.

Tree Stand
Definition of Tree Stand For Deer Hunting

Climbing Tree Stand
Definition of Climbing Tree Stand

Tripod Stand
Definition of Tripod Stand

Box Blind
Definition of Box Blind Deer Hunting Stand

Ladder Stand
Definition of Ladder Tree Stand

Hang-On Tree Stand
Definition of Hang-On Tree Stand

Another Public Land Whitetail Comes to me - Finally
The tale of a beautiful morning hunting deer, and what led up to it. I'd surely put in my time... now, was it going to pay off?

This whitetail deer hunt was fraught with excitement, fun, intensity, choices, and most of all, success.

Which Scope Should I Buy For my Husband's (or my) Hunting Rifle?
Choosing a scope for a deer hunting rifle is not often an easy task. There are so many optics choices! Start simple, and don't buy junk.

The Miseries (and Joy) of Bowhunting in Florida
The miseries and joy of bowhunting in Florida... from swarms of mosquitoes to puddles of sweat. Sounds great, doesn't it?

Blood-Trailing Whitetail Deer
Blood-Trailing Whitetail Deer - Some blood-trailing experiences I've had, and some tips & tricks to help you become a better blood trailer and tracker.

Some Hunting and Shooting Quick Tips to Improve Your Success
Over the years, I've learned a lot about hunting and shooting. Here are some of those lessons, condensed into quick tips for the hunter and shooter. Whether you hunt with rifle or bow, deer or small game, these should help you become better at what you do.

Deer Hunting - Shot Placement
Too often, deer hunters forget to aim, or take marginal shots when they should instead go for a high-percentage shot. Experience is a good teacher - perhaps the best. Here is what I've learned about shot placement over more than two decades of hunting deer.

The 338 Federal Cartridge - Something to Get Excited About
With more punch than the 7mm Rem Mag, the 338 Federal promises great performance on deer and other big game. I think I'm in love!

The Hunter's Autopilot - subconscious saviour when buck fever addles us.
Ever had one of those days in the woods, when your brain freezes up and refuses to act the way it should? I know I have. That's when a hunter's autopilot can often save the day.

How to Keep Venison Fresh For the Butcher
An easy How to on Keeping Venison Fresh for the Butcher

How to Use Tree Stands Safely
An easy How to on Using Tree Stands Safely

What Size Gun do I Need to Kill a Deer?
What does it take to kill a deer? Hunting cartridge performance - a look at foot-pounds of energy, Taylor knock-out values, and the real world.

"I Ain't Ever..."
"At least I ain't ever..." Those proud words often precede a mistake of some variety, and this time was no exception.

Deer Hunting has Never Been Better, and Rarely as Good
This was a very good deer hunting trip in the panhandle region of north Florida. Not that we filled our freezers, but we had a great time, made some new friends, and we did get some game.

How to Field Dress a Deer
From shot to freezer, there's a lot of work to be done to keep your game meat fresh. Here's how to gut your animal to make sure the meat tastes great.

The Question(s) of Hunting - What a Fellow Ponders During a Deer Hunt
The Question(s) of Hunting - What a Fellow Ponders During a Deer Hunt. I wrote this article during an opening-week deer hunt, about the thoughts and questions that pop into my mind out there in the woods.

Tree Stand Safety for Deer and Big Game Hunters
Some thoughts on staying safe when using tree stands.

Singing the Praises of Climbing Stands
One man's love for climbing stands - what makes them the most versatile choice for deer hunters.

What's the Best Gun for Your Type of Hunting?
How to decide which gun will best suit your hunting needs.

Reading whitetail body language when hunting deer.
How to read a deer's body language to tell where you've hit him.

Taught to Grunt Like a Buck Deer - by a Buck Deer!
Ah, the morning I was taught to grunt like a buck deer - by a buck deer! There's no other hunting memory of mine that comes close... and the lesson served me very well indeed, that same morning.

Deer Hunting with a Cap-and-Ball Revolving Black Powder Carbine
Have you ever felt such pride, such warmth, such accomplishment, that you knew you would never surpass it - and would only rarely match it? Well, that's how this hunt turned out in the end. Getting there was the interesting part. Never before had I taken a buck with a repeating muzzleloading black powder revolver rifle.

Beating the Crowds for Public-Land Whitetails
Tips to help you make the most of your public-land hunting.

Critter Tracks
A collection of photos of various animal tracks, with comments to help you identify tracks in the woods.

Do Whitetails Have ESP?
Exploring the "sixth sense" of whitetail deer. Ever been watching a deer and seen it suddenly stiffen or spook, for no apparent reason? Me, too.

Florida Hunt for Online Archers
This is my account of an archery deer hunt with guys I had only met online. It might sound odd, but we had a blast!

How to Defend Hunting
More and more folks are questioning the need for hunting these days. Here's what to do and how to do it when you see a need to defend or reaffirm our heritage.

How to Hunt Responsibly
Now more than ever, hunters need to behave responsibly, to ensure that nay-sayers don't have a leg to stand on in trying to turn the general population against hunters and hunting.

How to Keep Venison Fresh for the Butcher
There is no excuse for letting your meat go bad before it can be processed. Here's a how-to on getting your deer quartered and on ice in minutes.

How to Use Tree Stands Safely
Way too many hunters are injured falling from tree stands. Let's be more careful out there!

How to Walk in the Woods
There's a little more to it than putting one foot in front of the other.

Is it Really Worth the Pain?
Some of my thoughts on bowhunting for deer, both the joy and the pain.

Learning to Grunt
The day that a buck taught me to grunt - up close and personal! I don't reckon I've ever had a more memorable lesson taught to me by a face-to-face encounter with a whitetail deer.

Making Scents of it all
Do you really need that activated-charcoal suit?

Odd Shots I've Known
Some unusual, yet successful, shots on whitetail deer. From the jaw shot to the zipper shot to the 44 magnum sledgehammer - the game went into the freezer, but none of the shots were perfect.

Ode to Climbing Stands
A look at what makes the climbing stand the most flexible choice for most deer hunters.

Online Maps Can Help you Hunt
A look at what these aerial images can help you do.

Preparation is the key to Success
Starting now to hone your skills could mean the difference between success and frustration this hunting season.

Q&A: Hunters & Killing
Some questions and comments from users regarding my "Why do Hunters Kill?" article, along with my responses.

The Ultimate Hunting Partner
Some insights on what makes a great hunting buddy.

Tree Stand Safety
Some thoughts & tips on staying safe when you're up a tree.

Trophy Hunting
Dispelling some myths about trophy hunters... they don't just shoot 'em and hang 'em on the wall!

Why do Hunters Kill?
When there's so much meat available down at the butcher's counter, why must hunters kill their own meat? Follow the link to read my explanation.

These folks say they have "the world's best souting camera." "CamTrakker photographs deer as they move past its passive infrared motion detector which senses heat-in-motion within a conical area. Camtrakker helps you scout and pattern a big buck without contaminating its territory with human scent..."

Cough Silencer
This is an interesting item... it lets you muffle your coughs while hunting. Very useful for a hunter with a cold, or a more permanent cough. Review

Cough Muffler
Turns out there are two products for keeping coughs quiet, and this is the other one.

Deer Aging Tool
This interesting invention is a series of plastic "jawbones," together with a printed aging guide, an instructional DVD, and even a camo carrying case. I always like to know how old my deer are, and until now I've had to use an old photocopy of a chart.

Deer Expert Software
This is a program that queries you on hunting conditions, then recommends techniques based on that input. A unique program.

 This is the site for Target Communications Corp., a producer of Deer & Turkey Expos. Their Web site is meant "to not only promote the shows but also offer our attendees a place to find what we have planned for them... and list places to stay or park once they get there."

Feeders For Less
This company, Quality Game Feeders, offers "a one stop source for automatic deer feeders."

These meals come ready to heat and eat with a "flameless stove" inside. Like new improved MRE's, with a choice of seven entrees. Heatermeals Review Heatermeals Plus Review

The goal of these folks "is to provide hunters with the highest quality scents to improve the results of the hunt." They offer scent eliminators as well as attractant scents.

These folks call themselves "the premiere Javelina hunting, calling, and informational resource on the Internet."

Moon Phases
This site is basically a moon phase calendar. Wondering whether your next hunt falls on a full or new moon? Drop by this site and check it out.

Moon - Solunar Services
This site features fishing and hunting timetables; projected "hot times" to hunt and fish, based on the theory that the moon affects wildlife activity.

Moth Wing Camo
This company provides some very interesting camo patterns, based on some very effective natural camo found on - you guessed it - moths! Moths are very good at blending in with their surroundings, and this camo should help hunters do the same.

Mr. Whitetail
This is an informative site from self-titled Mr Whitetail, who appears to be proficient at bagging whitetails in his home area of northwest Wisconsin, USA.

Northeast Big Buck Club
The "regional source for whitetail measuring and record keeping in the northeast" U.S.A.

Believe me, it's not the anti-hunters. Go ahead and take a look, you'll probably get a kick out of it.

Spare Bladder
This is, um, a bag for you to pee in. Ziploc-type closure, scent-free, with a powder inside that gels liquids so they won't spill. Camo, of course. Review

Tenessee Deer Hunting
Tennessee Deer Hunting .Com, dedicated exclusively to Deer hunting in the state of Tennessee.

Texas Hunting Lease
This site is "dedicated to helping hunters find places to hunt in the Great State of  Texas." Looks like it could be a valuable resource.

Whitcomb's Whitetail's Uncommon Scents
This is a family-owned business in Minnesota, USA. As far as I know, this is the only company that will show you their deer and how they collect their scent.

Women's Hunting Club
Here's a club for women who hunt, or who want to learn. Men are also welcome!

World's Greatest Whitetails
This a collection of photos of, and "vital statistics" for, 140 of what are generally regarded as the greatest whitetailed deer of all time.

Back-to-Back HogBuck Hunt - Deer Hunting Sometimes Brings More Than Just Venison
I'd gone hunting in the panhandle with my aunt & uncle before, but hadn't bagged any critters. This time promised to be different...

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