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Hunting: Birds (Upland & Waterfowl)

All kinds of info on hunting birds, including both upland game birds and waterfowl - but not turkeys. Calls, decoys, blinds, and more.

Texas Goose Hunt
Dad and I drove from Florida to Texas just to hunt a few geese - what were we thinking?! Actually, it turned out quite well, with the usual ups and downs of any hunting trip. We even got some geese!

Ace Decoy Anchors
I saw these things at the 2001 SHOT Show. Helps keep your anchor lines wrapped up snug like they belong.

Aero Outdoors
These folks make blinds, decoys, calls, camograss (whatever that is), and more.

Alabama Waterfowl Association
The name says it all.

Ducks Unlimited
This non-profit organization works for the preservation and protection of migratory waterfowl habitat. Founded in 1937 by hunters.

Huntstuff Online
"Duck hunting, waterfowling, wading, & dog training equipment."

These folks manufacture and sell identification cards for waterfowl, so you'll know what the legal birds look like. Pocket sized, waterproof, and they look pretty handy.

Poke Boat
A light, stable, agile boat for the waterfowler. Also see the Duck Boat on the same Web site.

Roy Rhodes Championship Calls
Duck calls, turkey calls, accessories, even choke tubes.

Southern Duck Hunter
Some of the features of this site include: hunting reports, duck identification, and more.

Sportsmen on Film
This site offers a wide array of hunting videos (including three (3) featuring "Grits Gresham") on pheasant, goose, and duck hunting.

Ultimate Hunts
Dove hunting, quail hunting, pheasant hunting, hunting leases and bird dogs. These folks call themselves "the most complete and comprehensive bird hunting site on the internet."

These folks say they are "waterfowling’s largest interactive member community providing in-depth, national coverage of the sport of waterfowling. News, features, new product announcements; interactive discussion forums, real-time hunter reports and weekly migration tracking updates."

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