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How to Load a Cap and Ball Black Powder Revolver
Loading a cap and ball black powder revolver isn't as difficult as you might think.
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Intro; Colt Replica; Disassembly
Components; Powder Charge; Ball
Loaded; How to Safely Carry; Remington Design

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At this stage, I lower the hammer slowly and then re-cock it. This revolves the cylinder one notch so the ball is under the rammer.

Grasp the pistol grip of the revolver in one hand (I use my left, since I'm right-handed), unhook the rammer from its lug under the barrel, and grasp it in the other hand.

Then, simply ram the ball home using the leverage of the rammer.

This is the fully rammed ball, as it looks after revolving past the rammer.

After applying grease, to prevent chain firing. Typically, I will load all chambers before applying the grease, so I don't have the stuff on my fingers while handling powder and balls. I only loaded one chamber for the purposes of this article.

Capping the nipple for the loaded chamber. This can be tricky, and a capper can come in handy and prevent cussing resulting from dropped caps. Keep the hammer at half-cock throughout the capping process.

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