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Tetra Gun Lubricants

I have had the chance to check out another line of gun lube products for hunters and shooters, called Tetra Gun. I received a bottle of Tetra Gun oil and a tube of Tetra Gun grease.

The Good, the Bad, and the Smelly

The first thing I noticed upon receipt of the products was the foul smell of the oil. I didn't know why, but the oil stunk and the grease did not. I don't mean that the oil had a strong smell such as most lubes have, I mean it literally stinks. Wondering if it were just me, I asked a friend to smell it and and he said it smelled foul, "like something that had spoiled." That's how it smelled to me, also.

I've been told by the folks at Tetra Gun that the smell was due to the old formula they used - some batches would go bad and others would not. Weird. At any rate, I was promptly sent a new bottle of Tetra Gun Oil, which does not bear a foul odor. It seems to perform just about as well as most gun oils, but I don't yet have an accurate method for comparing lubricity.

Tetra Gun Grease

The Tetra Gun grease has no offensive smell. I like the grease, and I can recommend it over any other gun-specific grease that I have previously tested or used. I found no problem with increased fouling when using the Tetra Gun grease in a heavily-used 22 rimfire semi-automatic rifle, unlike the PL-10 grease mentioned at the end of my Muscle Corp. Lubes review.

Shake Well!

One thing I found a little frustrating about these products was that they are made up of components that easily separate. You must remember to follow the instructions, i.e. shake the oil and/or knead the tube of grease well before use. This is especially noticeable in the grease, which at times (when not mixed extremely well) will squirt out clear with just a little of the white material that "does the work." Kneading the tube well, or rolling it back and forth rapidly between the palms of your hands, seems to mix the grease components well enough to keep them consistent when applying them.


Overall, I feel I can recommend the Tetra Gun grease. I believe it's a good lubricant (and therefore a good protectant), and as long as you make sure it's mixed properly in the tube by kneading or rolling it, it should do fine, without the excessive fouling problems I have had with other gun grease. Something to consider: listed first under the directions on the tube are the words, "Before use test on all non-metal surfaces." So be careful, this language suggests that it may be harmful to finishes, whether painted metals or stock finishes.

The second bottle of Tetra Gun Oil doesn't stink, which is a good thing. If kept thoroughly shaken up, it seems to provide pretty good lubricity, at least according to the limited testing I've done with it. I can't recommend the stinky batch, but the second bottle I got contains a lube that should work fine. I'm told that all new batches of the lube are stench-free, which is certainly encouraging!

- Russ Chastain

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