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Readers Respond: What do You Think of The Smith & Wesson Model 66 357 Magnum Stainless Revolver?

Responses: 88


Former Tribal Police Officer

Purchased my 6" Model 66 new from a dealer in Seattle, in 1983. In my view it's the most comfortable and deadly accurate wheel-gun ever made. I recently put the factory grips back on it and I now use it only for personal protection. It is the finest weapon I've ever owned and the reliability and craftsmanship is second to none.
—Guest Capt. R. Joe King

66 positives (most), negatives (least)

I have owned four over the years, and in the mid-70s felt well-armed with an early 4" while working as a cop. I now own two, including one of the rare 3" models and a 2 1/2". Both are fine pieces; smooth and tight. Experience with those around me has shown that the Smith K frames will suffer timing issues after MANY rounds, and generically are not quite as robust as my Ruger Security Six. But, hey, the Smith is smoother, feels better, and how many people fire the 10,000 or so rounds out of it that will require repairing? All in all, either the Smith or Ruger is very reliable, with the edge to Ruger for long-term durability, but to the Smith for ergonomics, trigger smoothness/lightness, and just general "feel."

Model 66

I owned one for many years and never had any problems with it. Shot well, easy to clean and maintain, and hard to break. I would like to get another one, only this time with a 4 inch barrel (I had a 6").


I have owned several model 66s. They are a very good trade item. I now own two.They are still a very popular gun.
—Guest Ralph W Scott

S&W Mod 66

I have an original and it's all stainless, even the adjustable sight. I bought it in the early 1970s at PD cost ($127.00).
—Guest Bill

S&W 66

I bought one at a law enforcement discount through the LE unit I worked with. Most LE units didn't keep them. Mine fired fine but another officer in my unit wanted it so I traded for a Walther PPKS, which I then I traded to a dealer for a rifle.

66 snubbie-

My first carry gun as a new armed citizen. Love the way it handles. Bulky to carry deep concealed. That's what my 38 Colt Detective Special is for. But for the cold weather I can carry my 66 OWB again.
—Guest Frankie

S&W Family Heirloom

My dad didn't have many things to leave behind when he died in 1995. I'm very thankful he did leave me his 66-1 service revolver. He was a police officer for 22 years and always chose a S&W 357 magnum as his sidearm. Unfortunately the 66-1 was the last one he ever needed. I can't wait to hand it down to my boys someday. Miss you dad!
—Guest Pat

Smith & Wesson Model 66

I own a pair of S&W 66s (no dash). I think it is the best revolver Smith made. Will buy more.
—Guest 21guns

I Love my S&W 66

About three years ago I bought a Smith and Wesson model 66 with a 3" barrel. The guy was hard up for money and had a large gun collection so I was able to get this model 66 for $450.00. It is in excellent condition and I was told to never trade or sell it because the 3" in the model 66 Smith is rare. So I bought a beautiful custom grip (round butt) and put it on. Everyone that I show it to from my gun collection always marvels over it. Does anyone know what its value might be? [Editor's note: Current Blue Book value for the Model 66 varies from a low of $105 (60% condition) to $375 (98% condition) to $475 (100% condition - new in box with box and all papers). - RC]
—Guest CHUCK

The 66 was my Sidearm

I carried the Model 66 as my duty weapon for about five years before being forced to change to a Sig. I miss it so much.
—Guest Guest KH

Model 66-4, 4 inch barrel

I have this revolver from 1994 and have never shot it. This one was a replacement from Smith and Wesson - my original's cylinder would slip if I remember correctly. I am thinking of taking this one out to the range and see how it shoots.

Model 66 (no dash)

I recently acquired a very clean Model 66 (no dash) w/4" barrel, pinned and recessed, and blued rear sight. It's a tack driver even after 40+ years of being in existence! The value on the earlier models seems to go up every year, and I know I'd regret it if I traded/sold it, so it has become my new safe queen until further notice. Great revolver all around. Can't beat K-frames in terms of comfort and beauty, IMHO.
—Guest Ryan

Mod. 66-1

Still my favorite carry weapon, reliable, good balance. Purchased my 2" 66-1 in 1977, and carried it as a backup to my Colt Python. I would not part with this excellent gun. The trend is all semi-autos and I have those also, but I only need one or two shots on my target with the 66, which means I still have four rounds. Remember, it is the Indian and not the arrow (but have the best arrow out there). The S&W 66-1. US Marine veteran, former police officer and citizen gun fighter for all law enforcement agencies in our wonderful country. Semper Fi
—Guest Outsatnding, Quality, Reliable

S&W Model 66-4

This is a great gun, and the grips are well formed for the hand. I paid $325.00 for it.
—Guest real go getter

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