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Readers Respond: What do You Think of The Smith & Wesson Model 66 357 Magnum Stainless Revolver?

Responses: 110


Model 66 stainless

I carried this firearm while a deputy with the Bernallio County Sheriff's Dept. in New Mexico, back in the 70s. I have to tell you it's as fine a shooter today as it was back then. I will leave it to my son when I pass and I doubt, given it's reliability, that he will ever part with it until it's his time to pass.

Model 66-4

Fell on bad times and had to sell it to feed the wife & kids man. Oh man 6 shots on the x every time, wish I still had it. I still have my Model 57 and it can reach out and touch you, but the 66 lives on in my thoughts...
—Guest d willmore

Daughter Likes it

I took out all my guns and let my 18-year-old daughter shoot them. She had never handled a firearm before. We shot my Glock 23, Mauser HSC (380), Model 66 (shooting 38s), Savage 243, Marlin model 60 (22LR ), and a Mossberg 410 pump. When we finished I asked her what was her favorite. Without hesitation she said the "silver gun" (the model 66). Like father, like daughter.
—Guest Bill B

My favorite

I purchased my 66-2 with the 2 1/2 inch barrel a few years ago. Nib condition. It was a night stand gun for an elderly lady who never fired it as far as I could tell. If I had to make a choice to own only one gun this would be it. I am a law enforcement officer in south Texas. We are issued semi auto "block" 40s but are allowed to qualify with other handguns for off duty carry. I shot the 8 round course with a six shot revolver by dropping in two extra rounds after ejecting six spent rounds. I still shot faster and more accurately than some of the guys shooting the auto loaders. I love my 66 and more often than not it goes to work with me. I strap it to my vest.
—Guest Wnewsom

Model 66-2 HARD TO BEAT

I've owned several handguns in the last 50+ years, both semi-auto and revolver. I would have to say this is the best one of all. It's easy to carry, fits my hand well, and it packs a punch. It's a GREAT handgun.
—Guest Tennessee

Finest .357 Magnum

The S&W 66 is the finest revolver of its caliber made. I like the looks of the blued 19 - but I use my guns, so stainless is the way to go. Out of the box, the trigger cleaned up nicely after 3 or 4 hundred rounds, and the obligatory dry-firing while watching TV aids the break-in. Typical S&W accuracy - it's better than I am. One does not shoot full house magnum loads all day while at the range; why buy a tank 357 that can do that? The K frame is the ideal platform for the 357. I DO have a preference for the square butt model. If you are only going to own one 357 magnum, look no further.
—Guest Full Auto Bob

S&W model 66-4

I bought my S&W 66-4 in 1975 and still own it. Had a timing problem with the cylinder and had to send it back two times before they finally got it right. Love the gun and will never sell it.
—Guest Mark

Law Enforcement Sidearm

This S&W 66-2 is a must-have-on-your-side handgun. Mine was carried by Sherrif Eichenlaub of Clinton County Pennsylvania for years. He also won many state law enforcement shooting competitions using this revolver. This 66-2 is a pick up, shoot, and hit 100% of the time firearm.

S & W 66-2

A friend loaned me his for an Air Search and Rescue Squad Meet. I shot the center out of the target and purchased it from him because I simply would not give it back. With a 6" barrel it is a little heavy to pack up the trail fishing but if I need to defend myself, this is the only gun I want. GG
—Guest G. Diehl

I Prefer the 66

I have S&W 66-2 that I bought for 140.00 when the local PD changed to the Beretta 9mm POS in the early 80's. Pachmayr grips, dead on all the time. I carry the Smith M&P 40 now, really like the 66-2 with quick loaders better because I could hit more than I can hit with the M&P, but the 40 has more rounds available. Non LEA, just shoot paper and metal targets. Kind regards.
—Guest Tommy

Great Gun

Carried the model 66 on duty as a Special Deputy in Marion County, IN and it's got to be one of the best guns to carry.


I bought my first 66 in 1973 (stainless sights and a 4 inch barrel), and carried this one or another I owned with a 2.5 inch barrel during more than 30 years in law enforcement. I installed custom grips on both guns, and they were as accurate as, and far more reliable than, any semiautomatic on the firing range. After thousands of rounds, these guns are still in excellent condition.
—Guest Bob

Thanks for the Info

I've looked all over the S&W web site for information on the model 66 to no avail. Then I did a google search and your web site was on the first page. It is a superb description of the gun. Thanks so much. I purchased mine about 1981 and have used it very little (less than 200 rounds). I hit a silhouette at 200 feet once and that impressed me.
—Guest Doug

S&W 66-2

I have wanted a S&W wheelgun for a long time. Just purchased the 66-2 from a friend. Beautiful gun. Will keep this one for a long time. The S&W revolver is a masterpiece. Friend wanted $600 but he sold it to me for $200. I have seen similar 4 inch revolvers selling for $500-600.
—Guest Ray

Had one long time ago

Had a 66-2 pinned and recessed chamber 2 1/2". Too much to control with SD loads for me, and since they are no longer supported by S&W I wouldn't recommend one any longer... there are no more barrels, cylinders, extractor stars, and so on. [NOTE: I have never needed replacement parts for any revolver I've owned, so I wouldn't fret too much, even if the above info is accurate. - RC]
—Guest Dave T

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