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Readers Respond: What's Your Opinion of the Ruger Security Six/Speed Six/Police Service Six?

Responses: 46


The Ruger Security Six (Model 117) is mechanically identical to the Speed Six (Model 207) and the Police Service Six (Model 107). Have you ever owned/used any of these guns? What was your experience with 'em? Was the trigger pull good or bad? What about reliability and accuracy, and stuff like that? Let us know what you think! Do not ask a question or expect a reply! I cannot reply to you here. Please post in the forum if you have a question. Share Your Opinion

Got That Plum Ruger

I have one of the nice 6" 50 series plum Ruger security six with the purple tint receiver and a blued barrel and cylinder. Got it for $300 and damn I mean I own a couple revolvers a Colt trooper, S&W highway patrolman, Taurus, but I love my Rugers. Between the security-six and the gp100 and my black hawk I don't ever need another and I've shot many pythons and various s&w but I guess I am a big ruger junkie out of the 24 guns I own I got 10 rugers my next I hope is a ruger 44mag super Redhawk
—Guest cam

Ruger Security Six

I purchased a 4" Heavy barrel security six in the early 1980s. I too have put thousands of rounds(mostly .38 specials) through this exceptional handgun and it still shoots as new. I would not sell or trade it for love or money.Thank you Bill Ruger.

Great Wheelgun and hand cannon

The 6" stainless Security Six that I own is the first firearm that I ever purchased in 1981, the day that I turned 21. It is accurate and reliable. I have purchased a variety of other handguns since, but this is one of my favorites and one that I will never sell.
—Guest Marc

Ruger Security Six .357 6"

I have a Security Six with the 6" barrel, but it is a gray color almost satin-like. It shoots great I wouldn't trade it. I think it is intimidating just pulling it out of the holster, I have several guns but it is my fave.
—Guest BA

SS Security Six

Found a 1982 SS security six 357 at the 2013 Indy gun show. Loved the feel of the gun and it looks mint. It is a gorgeous handgun. Couldn't pass it up. I can't wait to shoot it. I've got an LCR and 10/22, I love Rugers; they are always dependable and just feel right in my hand.
—Guest Matt

Mr. and Mrs. Both Love It

I have a Ruger Security Six, which I believe to be one of the most accurate revolvers for I have taken many deer with this handgun. In the long run my wife shoots this handgun better than I do, she can hit clothespins hanging from a wire at 60 feet standing.
—Guest Ed

.357 200th Anniversary Speed Six

Bought at gun shop about 8 months ago, great handgun. I love shooting 38s for practice, good noisemaker with 357s.
—Guest suds

Ruger Sec. Six

I bought mine in 1972. One of the first on the market. Cost $92 back then. I won a shooting medal at the Police Academy with it. When I left Police service for another State I was forced to turn it in because NYS required a permit to even own/possess a handgun. Once I turned in my badge I was not allowed to even possess one for a minute let alone the time it took to relocate to another Police job. I inquired how I could get it back after I relocated and was told it was "sold at auction" - which in cop talk means some supervisor took it for their own use. No sense fighting City hall... I'll never see it again. I also had to turn in a S&W model 20 .38 and a High Standard derringer I carried as a backup. I was never reimbursed even though I bought these myself. NY is not a good place to live if you like handguns... even if you're a cop.
—Guest AZ Rhino

Ruger Security Six

I bought one of these off another Coastie when I was in the USCG, stationed at Governors Island in 1989. Great gun; tough as nails and very accurate. Still shoots like new after all these years.
—Guest Tony A

Ruger 200th .357

Everyone is asking "what's it worth??" Everyone please note: it's worth whatever your best friend will give you plus $100.00 :-) That has always worked for me. I just bought a Ruger .357 200th year revolver. It's like new. It's in the original box with manual, etc. I paid $220.00. Now is a good time to buy during the recession. It's perfectly fine to buy them off someone that needs cash for bills. I say that because some think it's stealing from the less fortunate. It actually helps stimulate the economy. After the movie theater massacre you should buy what you want now as I'm sure the feds will pass stricter laws. I hope some 350 lb cellmate makes the CO movie theater shooter his girlfriend.
—Guest Packrat

Ruger SS

Have owned my six inch SS since 1979. Have put several thousand rounds through it. Finally starting to show some signs of mechanical wear. Will never willingly part with it.

Security Six

My go-to gun for any occasion. I own three and would not part with any of them. The Swiss army knife of revolvers.
—Guest ash


I purchased a Security Six when I was stationed in Alaska. The only change I made was to add Pachmayr grips. I bought it in 1988 and still have it. An exceptional firearm and after getting the sights adjusted it proved to be outstanding. Never failed me at any time.
—Guest James Maxwll


I picked up a used 6" Security Six last night. I have no idea what year. It is very accurate with Hornady LeveRevolution ammo. I will be using it for deer season. Very fun to shoot. Feels like it has an action job on the trigger. Love this gun!
—Guest scotth

Outstanding Revolver

I purchased my Security Six (stainless, four inch barrel) new in the mid-70s. I was teaching a bullseye pistol course at the time and wanted a double action revolver as a demonstration piece and for occasional target use. My choices were a S&W K-66 and a Security Six. The Ruger won on price (I don't remember the price difference, but it was significant). I immediately took the gun to a retired police armorer who performed an outstanding trigger job. Over the ensuing 35 years or so, I've probably put between 10,000 and 20,000 rounds through the gun - 99% of them 148 grain plain lead wadcutters. The gun is astonishingly accurate - once I worked up an appropriate load, I could literally put five shots into one ragged hole from a rest (50 feet indoors). The gun is also easy and pleasant to shoot in the traditional one-handed off-hand position associated with bullseye shooting. Even though my hands are a little on the large size, I've never changed the original wood grips on the Security Six, because they worked quite well for one-handed shooting - allowing a high, comfortable grip. If I were to use the gun for two-handed combat-style shooting, I'd definitely want a much larger grip surface, so I'd change the grips. All in all, the Security Six has been an outstanding gun for me. The only problem that I've ever had is that the cylinder ejector rod will occasionally loosen and back out slightly, which causes a problem with functioning. It's probably my fault for not tightening it sufficiently when I've reassembled the gun after cleaning.
—Guest BruceT

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What's Your Opinion of the Ruger Security Six/Speed Six/Police Service Six?

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