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Readers Respond: What's Your Opinion of the Ruger Security Six/Speed Six/Police Service Six?

Responses: 34


The Ruger Security Six (Model 117) is mechanically identical to the Speed Six (Model 207) and the Police Service Six (Model 107). Have you ever owned/used any of these guns? What was your experience with 'em? Was the trigger pull good or bad? What about reliability and accuracy, and stuff like that? Let us know what you think! Do not ask a question or expect a reply! I cannot reply to you here. Please post in the forum if you have a question.


I purchased a Security Six when I was stationed in Alaska. The only change I made was to add Pachmayr grips. I bought it in 1988 and still have it. An exceptional firearm and after getting the sights adjusted it proved to be outstanding. Never failed me at any time.
—Guest James Maxwll


I picked up a used 6" Security Six last night. I have no idea what year. It is very accurate with Hornady LeveRevolution ammo. I will be using it for deer season. Very fun to shoot. Feels like it has an action job on the trigger. Love this gun!
—Guest scotth

Outstanding Revolver

I purchased my Security Six (stainless, four inch barrel) new in the mid-70s. I was teaching a bullseye pistol course at the time and wanted a double action revolver as a demonstration piece and for occasional target use. My choices were a S&W K-66 and a Security Six. The Ruger won on price (I don't remember the price difference, but it was significant). I immediately took the gun to a retired police armorer who performed an outstanding trigger job. Over the ensuing 35 years or so, I've probably put between 10,000 and 20,000 rounds through the gun - 99% of them 148 grain plain lead wadcutters. The gun is astonishingly accurate - once I worked up an appropriate load, I could literally put five shots into one ragged hole from a rest (50 feet indoors). The gun is also easy and pleasant to shoot in the traditional one-handed off-hand position associated with bullseye shooting. Even though my hands are a little on the large size, I've never changed the original wood grips on the Security Six, because they worked quite well for one-handed shooting - allowing a high, comfortable grip. If I were to use the gun for two-handed combat-style shooting, I'd definitely want a much larger grip surface, so I'd change the grips. All in all, the Security Six has been an outstanding gun for me. The only problem that I've ever had is that the cylinder ejector rod will occasionally loosen and back out slightly, which causes a problem with functioning. It's probably my fault for not tightening it sufficiently when I've reassembled the gun after cleaning.
—Guest BruceT

From Montana

My sis robbed me of a Ruger Security Six Model RDA-32 with 2.75" barrel and adjustable sights. I sure would like to replace it, and money's no object.
—Guest Dave

Lookin for Help

I have a Ruger 357 magnum Security Six with a six inch barrel still in the box never shot got as a wedding gift from my wife's grandfather and I'm just kinda wanting to know what its worth if any one knows I would appreciate it.
—Guest darrell

Ruger Security Six

I recently purchased the Ruger Security Six with a 6" barrel and I am very happy with the performance and accuracy of this gun. I get constant groups of 2" using 38 special ammo.
—Guest bpd1233

Most Reliable Tack Driver

Got my Security Six in 1980 and have fired an incredible number of rounds out of this gun (lost count after about 5000). My first change to this gun was a set of Pachmayrs, next was a spring and a little hone work. Being a reloader I've fired many kinds of loads, some compressed, and have never felt uncomfortable pulling the trigger (other than recoil). I can't say that about the other 357s I've owned. I've worn out Smiths and Colts but still have the Ruger. This sweetheart will still put all six through an 8 inch target at 100 yards. I consider the Ruger the best, most reliable handgun of all. Of all the weapons I own if I'm going into an intense situation I take my Security Six. The name says it all.
—Guest WC


I bought my SS 4" Security Six while stationed in Hawaii in the late 70s. I did some accurizing and spring and sight work on it and used it for both target and combat matches. It was and still is a tack driver. I've had plenty of chances to sell it but never did, and I'm glad. It would be my one handgun choice in a survival situation even over my Kimbers and other auto loaders. It saved my life in Texas by X-ing one armed hostile and sending two more the hospital. Ruger named it properly. Never had a Smith or Colt I liked better.
—Guest REGOR

Great Gun

Great gun. Never fails and very accurate. I bought one in 1971 and used it for police work in NY. I won a shooting medal at the Police Academy with it. The instructors were impressed as they all used S&W Model 15s back then. Yesterday I found a stainless model.
—Guest Silver Bullet

1976 Ruger Security Six

First revolver. Didn't know much about revolvers at the time of purchase, but I sure lucked up with this one. On the side it reads, "Made in the 200th year of AMERICAN LIBERTY." Just makes it extra special I guess. It's superbly accurate and feels much better in my hand than my Glock 30, which is my main carry piece. It's in excellent shape too. I think I'll hang on to it for many years.
—Guest Anthony

Security Six

I have a blued Security Six with a 6" barrel, and firing SA it's a tack driver. DA firing the trigger pull needs work (someone once said that the Security Six was a SA pistol with DA capability lol). Fortunately a competent gunsmith can correct that little problem. After firing thousands of rounds through the gun, I've found it rugged, accurate, and dependable. I absolutely love it! I've found it overall be a tougher piece than any comparable Colt or Smith revolver that I've used.
—Guest 1Panther

Best Gun in World

Bought two. One was stolen, the other was sold (big mistake). I'm looking for another one.
—Guest Herbert Peck

Found Another Security Six!

My first response a year or so ago in this review was that I was looking for another Security Six after (stupidly) selling mine. Well, I got another for private security work. I've got a safe full of other revolvers and autos , but this is my baby. Loaded with 125-grain hollowpoints, I think it's the perfect defensive weapon. It's not as smooth as my S&W 19s, but almost. The 19s come out for show and tell sessions; the Ruger goes to work with me. Jake
—Guest Jake

Hickory Hunter

I know my response will draw a lot of criticism, but my Security Six 2 1/2" 150 series has become my "go to" gun. I bought it from a shooter buddy for $200. Couldn't pass on that! Having shot it before I knew it was dead on but I know about Ruger DA triggers, so off to a local smith (who had worked at Ruger in Southport) for trigger work. This guy said he could work magic with these and he kept his word. Believe me, I own S&W K, J, and N revolvers with trigger work along with 1911s and a few Colts so I'm not without comparison, and the Ruger trigger is as good as, or rivals, them. I know what he did but will skip the details. Some super slick stoning (he inspects with a microscope) and springs of his own adjustment. This little gem is deadly accurate, a pleasure to shoot, is tough as nails, and the stainless takes very well to polishing. Mine looks better than factory. Rain, snow, ice, mud (washed it off in a stream once). I can trust it to hit what it's aimed at and go bang EVERY time without fail. That's a good gun.
—Guest Freddy

Cop Trade-in

I bought a Ruger Security Six and a Colt Mark III Trooper from a pawn shop in Jacksonville, FL,when the police and troopers were forced to start using semi-autos. The Colt was put away. The Ruger has been "rode hard and put away wet" for many a year, and it's very accurate and dependable. Wish I had bought more of both when I had the chance. Good gun.
—Guest hapinga aka David Edge
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