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Readers Respond: What's Your Opinion of the Ruger Security Six/Speed Six/Police Service Six?

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Ruger Speed Six

The Ruger Speed Six is an excellent choice for a carry piece. It is able to digest both 38 special and 357 magnum ammo. I have two of these wonderful revolvers and think very highly of them. Easy to maintain, one screw to take them down and put them back together. Grab one if you can find one, you won't be sorry. I have a 4" blue, and a 2 3/4" in stainless.
—Guest namvet

Ruger Security Six .357

I have owned a four-inch stainless steel model for more than twenty years. It is my favorite gun to carry when walking in the woods. It is accurate and works every time. I consider all Ruger revolvers to be practically indestructible. My daughter has a Speed Six (which is basically the same gun without adjustable sights) and she feels the same way.

Ruger Security Six 357 Magnum

I owned both a Stainless and a blued version with 4 inch barrels. Carried the Stainless for several years as a duty revolver. Loved it, very reliable shooter and accurate as well. The only hitch I found with both revolvers were the small grips. I replaced them with Rogers Presentation models and never had a handling problem. I didn't own the blued one long enough to get really well-acquainted with it. I regret trading them off. Tried going to 45 ACP autoshuckers (and was unhappy with that move) in both cases. I know own a GP100 with 6" barrel. Very similar to the Security models. I wouldn't want any other revolver than a Ruger. Won't ever get rid of this one, unlike my two earlier mistakes.
—Guest KenKeith

Ruger Security Six .357

I had a stainless snubbie .357 and it was a nice shooting sixgun, I carried it on duty and felt well protected. Holsters were a little hard to find. I also had a 6" blue model that was very accurate with all the loads I ever tried. Wish I still had both of them...

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