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Readers Respond: Ever Used a Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm Pistol? What do You Think of it?

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The Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm semi-automatic pocket pistol is a compact, slim, affordable gun. Some folks love them, and other folks... not so much. It would be great if you would tell us about your experience with the PF-9. Do you love it or hate it? Please let us know! Please do not ask a question or expect a reply! I cannot reply to you here. Please post in the forum if you have a question. Thanks! Tell us About it!


It is my concealed carry pistol with a lockable holster. I also carry it in the woods during bow season. When not on me it is on my master bedroom end table. When concealed pocket Carry is my option I carry a Kel Tec in 380. carry his my option I use a Kel Tec 380
—Guest GLENN

Worst Pistol I Ever Loved

I thought this was the perfect CC pistol: easily concealed and 9mm. I added the stainless steel side clip, Hogue grip, and a pinky extender. I had no problems with accuracy at 15 yards and more. Then after about 150 rounds the magazine started falling out after every shot. Kel-Tec was great - they sent replacement parts at no cost. Problem solved. Then at about 300 rounds the barrel broke (bottom lug sheared off forward of the assembly pin). The barrel was now in 2 pieces. KelTec service was great again; twelve weeks later I had a new barrel, new magazine release and spring, and the feed ramp was polished. I paid the shipping one way. The pistol is now for sale. It seems to work fine now, but I've lost all confidence in it. Too bad.
—Guest Former pf9 owner

dougnverde Loves his PF9

I have owned my Kel Tec PF9 for over a year now and I am completely satisfied with it. I did a "fluff and buff" job on it, added one of the inexpensive innertube grip wraps and then sent it to RTK Triggers. The new trigger has a better contour, shorter travel and a lighter pull. I have over 1000 rounds through the gun, with zero failures after the first box. I carry it daily, usually in my front pocket. I shoot every week and can stay inside a 3 inch circle 5 out of 8 at 15 yards off hand. I love this gun.
—Guest dougnverde

Best Lightweight Pistol Ever

I'm a paraplegic. I ride the roads a lot and the PF-9 is easy for me to conceal it and get to it quickly if I need to. I've scared many dogs that would have bitten me. I trust my life with it. (It's even fed me, i used it deer hunting once hit the deer right behind it's shoulder were i wanted to hit it) so i love my pf- 9.......
—Guest scotter 123

Long Trigger Pull and Stout Recoil

I have had my PF9 for about 2 months and have put 200 rounds through it - all FMJ, as that is all my range will allow. The trigger pull is very long and pinches my finger with every shot. Recoil is very pronounced. Not a pleasant gun to shoot, in my opinion. My accuracy suffers anticipating the recoil and the long trigger pull. Definitely a "carry a lot and shoot little" gun. {Guide Note: Light guns always recoil more than heavy ones (that's physics) - but you NEVER feel recoil when firing under stress. And anticipating recoil is always a mistake - learn to let the shot surprise you and just roll with the recoil, and your accuracy will improve greatly. - RC}
—Guest Doug Perkins


I like mine, accurate for what it is and so far very reliable. The finish is not the best, but it was only $250.00 nib.
—Guest Eddie Roark


I bought this little gun a few weeks ago and love it . It is light easy to conceal and has been 100 percent reliable . This will definitely be my summer carry weapon.
—Guest Gregg

PF9 problems

PF9 has been very unreliable for me from day one (two years ago). I wrote off all my initial problems as coincidence, I recently started shooting it again and found all the bad reviews. To date I have put approximately 200 rounds through it, and have had 10 rounds fail to fire (primer dimpled- but not hard enough to fire), 5-10 stovepipes, and 3 failures to feed. I have been a marksman for 30 years. I have had more trouble with this gun than all my others combined. She is going back to the factory as soon as I can get it there.
—Guest brgnhunter111

PF 9

I have had my PF9 for more than a year now. I love how it is a very lightweight gun and fits in my pocket with ease, but I have had problems with it jamming while firing. I believe it's just built-up lint from being in my pocket all the time and the little firing I do with it!
—Guest Spencer B

No Problem PF-9

Bought the little pistol I had no problems shot 100 rounds just fine. My wife shot it and had feed problems, it turned out she was holding it too loosely - she started holding it more firmly and shot another 50 rounds with no problems.
—Guest dewain

Great Lightweight Auto

I bought a Kel-Tec PF-9 because the substitute salesperson let me handle the only one they had in stock. I liked the weight and the light trigger pull so much that I bought it immediately. Later that day the shop called me and said the gun was sold to me by mistake because it had been promised to another person. The paperwork was already done and I had the gun so it was the best "mistake" that happened to me in a long time. I have shot it a bunch and love it. I am sorry for the the guy that it was promised to but he's not getting it back.
—Guest Robert M

KelTec PF9

I own both the KelTec PF9 and the Taurus 709 Slim. Been on a quest for the best carry vs reliable shooting compact 9mm for my own CCW needs. While the PF9 is a bargain for the price, I would NEVER trust my life to this pistol in a defensive situation, the trigger absolutely sucks (that is if you can get your finger into the trigger opening without LOTS of effort and concentration), the PF9 will ONLY shoot FMJ ball ammo on a semi-reliable basis, tried every kind of HP with jam after jam. The PF9 will also FREQUENTLY drop the magazine during any shooting drill...TOTALLY UNRELIABLE, call me if you want one with the carry clip CHEAP... PT709, better grip, better trigger, carries well, more accurate, never drops the mag accidentally...BUT will jam occassionally with HP ammo. MY SOLUTION to this 2 gun problem is the Ruger LC9, carries like a dream, great simple trigger, built RUGER tough, shoots everything I put thru it, no failures. I trust my life with the Ruger LC9 so much I own 2 now.

IntraTec Cat 9: 9mm luger

I'm sure you meant 1.4lbs. not ounces. That is what my Cat 9 weighs that I have carried for a long time. Trigger on Cat 9 poor and sights nonexistent. PF-9 looks like a better-made gun and I will check one out. Good article Russ, enjoyed reading it. [EDIT: Actually, I did mean 1.4 ounces - that is the weight difference between the loaded PF-9 9mm (18.05 oz, or 1.13 lb) and the loaded Beretta Tomcat 3032 (16.65 oz, or 1.04 lb). - RC]

Great Concealed Weapon

The PF-9 is as good as it gets in my opinion especially for the price. It's pretty accurate, dependable (no problems so far), a good investment for backup gun if you're an officer.
—Guest David Jenkins

The Truth

That nine is the show stopper, the lightest most durable pistol ever made. If Clint Eastwood was still slingin' bullets he would be slingin' them with this. You need firepower - grip, aim, and accuacy depend on the shooter. Learn and know your handgun. For proper progress, practice as if you were just learning math. For accurate results, recoil should always be held with caution - just like a 38 snub. Mr. Nena
—Guest Mr nena

Like My PF9

I bought my PF9 at a gun show about 9 months ago along with a Crimson Trace laser sight mounted on the front of the trigger guard under the Picatinny rail. I was a little surprised about the long trigger pull, but after putting a few magazines through it, I have gotten used to it. It fits in my back blue jean pocket perfectly. Fits most other pockets pretty well too. No recoil issues with it. I use the pinky-extension magazine floor plate - gives a little more control. I like this gun.

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Ever Used a Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm Pistol? What do You Think of it?

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