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Handgun Reviews - Heritage Rough Rider Revolver Review

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User Rating 4 Star Rating

By ki4oyh

Handgun Reviews - Heritage Rough Rider Revolver Review

Rough Rider Left Side Safety Off

Handgun Reviews - Heritage Rough Rider Revolver Review

Rough Rider Left Side Safety On


Handgun Make and Model: 

Heritage Rough Rider Model RR22B4

Purchase Price; New or Used?: 

$155.00 NIB

Type of Handgun 


Accuracy Rating 

Pretty Good

Fit, Form, Function: Comfort and Reliability 

The Rough Rider is small, with plain wood grips that fit my hands pretty well. I don't like the location of the safety (on the frame to the left of the hammer), but I have found it to be a reliable little revolver.

Centerfire or Rimfire (Include Caliber) 

22 LR/22 WMR Rimfire

My Review 

The Bottom Line

Granted it's not a Colt or Ruger, and it is not a target gun by any definition, but its accuracy for plinking, game getting, etc., is sufficient for me. Also, it’s small enough to carry in a backpack, fanny pack, or coat pocket, though I prefer a holster. For less than $200, what more could you ask for?


• It’s lightweight (less than two pounds empty) and carries well on the hip or in a backpack, fanny pack, etc.

• Easy to clean/change cylinders.

• Has transfer bar to prevent accidental discharge.

• It has the ‘C-O-L-T’ four clicks on cocking - which doesn’t do much for accuracy, reliability, etc., but it sounds good.


• Alloy frame.

• Location of the safety.

• Fixed Sights.


• Single action

• Six shot

• 22 LR/L/S caliber with interchangeable cylinder in 22 WMR

• Blue finish

• Smooth wood grips

• Frame mounted safety

• Trigger guard lock supplied with gun

• Barrel length: 4.75 in (12.1cm)

• Overall length: 10.035 in (25.5cm)

My thoughts on the Heritage Rough Rider

I like this little gun.

Originally, mine came with only a 22 LR cylinder. An email to Heritage Arms confirmed, based on the serial number, that it was safe to use with 22 WMR so I picked up a 22 mag cylinder. Switching/removing cylinders is easy: push in the cylinder pin release, pull the cylinder pin, remove the cylinder, put in the new cylinder and reverse the procedure. The same basic procedure is used for cleaning.

It comes with a trigger lock. It is good to know that it is there when the grandkids visit.

It would be nice to be able to have both calibers when out in the woods. I discovered that a Safariland speedloader pouch for 357 mag works real nice as a cylinder pouch. Now when out in the woods fishing or whatever, I have a full cylinder of 22 LR in the revolver, and a full cylinder of 22 WMR in the pouch.

It’s a constant companion whether on a fishing trip, hiking in the back woods, or whatever; usually on my hip, but sometimes in my tackle box or fanny pack.

If I had to make one complaint about this gun it would be the safety: It is placed on the left side of the frame adjacent to the hammer, and in my opinion, is too easy to set on/off when cocking/uncocking.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 

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