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Cimarron Plinkster Review

Reader Reviews: Handgun User Reviews - Shooters' Favorite and Least Favorite Handguns

User Rating 1 Star Rating

By rodila


Handgun Make and Model: 

Cimarron Plinkster

Purchase Price; New or Used?: 

$250 new

Type of Handgun 


Accuracy Rating 

Absolutely Terrible

Centerfire or Rimfire (Include Caliber) 

22 LR rimfire

My Review 

Let me tell you why I think my Plinkerton is a piece of shoddy junk. I just fired it for the first time, about 200 rounds. At 10 yards, it grouped 2 by 4 inches long, ant at about 5 inches high at the center. I like to completely disassemble new guns for proper cleaning. The revolver is all aluminum or some similar alloy. The finish is some sort of paint like Marlin semi auto 22 rifles. The barrel and cylinder have steel inserts for the bores. Even the pawl that rotates the cylinder is aluminum.The ejection rod is 3 parts inside a cheap alloy housing which has a loose fit in the frame. Sheet metal screws are used for the grip frame to receiver and also for the bolt/trigger tension spring. Already one is stripped from the factory. Don't forget the awful firing pin block on the side. This revolver is not made to last. The cheap alloy will break and/or quickly wear out. DO NOT BUY THIS GUN. The cheap German single actions of old are 100 times better than this in all respects. Also, the dealer won't help, but he will buy it back for $100 less. It reminded me of the old tin toys I used to see as a child. I too was suckered in by the low price. Don't be fooled.

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