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Warren & Sweat Imperial Climbing Tree Stand

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Warren & Sweat Imperial Climbing Stand

Warren & Sweat Imperial Climbing Tree Stand

The Bottom Line

This is a very nice climbing tree stand, and I enjoy using it. Although I had to make a few minor changes before I was satisfied, I don't hold that against it - I have altered every stand I've ever owned. This is a good one, and the BarkBiter belt is hard to beat for ease of adjustment and versatility. [edit: June, 2003 - I'm told that Warren & Sweat is no longer in business.]


  • BarkBiter belt allows fast, flexible adjustments. Removeable footrest and shooting rest.
  • Straps for backpacking and securing top section. Roomy. Safety strap included.
  • One of the quietest climbers I've used.


  • Top rails can be noisy and cold. Packing instructions are just silly.
  • May require some customizing - but they all do.
  • Impractical foot strap. Imported.


  • Aluminum climbing tree stand with BarkBiter belt system.
  • BarkBiter belt is good, strong, and quiet. I like it better than cables or chains.
  • Platform size: 20" x 37", Weight: 26 pounds.
  • Non-glare "powder coated" finish.
  • Weight rating: 275 pounds.
  • The included padded shooting rest is removable for bow hunting.

Guide Review - Warren & Sweat Imperial Climbing Tree Stand

Warren & Sweat Imperial - Fit For a King?

I've used a few climbers in my life, and none have been perfect. Stands are like guns, vehicles, and members of the opposite sex - you'll never find one that's perfect. But if you look long enough, you'll find one that you like. The Imperial is such a stand - not perfect, but I like it.

Assembly went smoothly with one or two minor snags, and after watching the accompanying video I was heading up the nearest pine tree in short order. Minor changes included adding camo duct tape to areas that clanked, were cold on my arms, or might mar my gun. I quickly abandoned use of the foot strap (hard to get into, noisy buckle) and simply stuck my toes under the sides of the bottom section.

All in all, I consider this the best commercial climber I've used to date.

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