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Olympic Shotgun Shooting


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The clay targets used in International competitions are different from the ones most of us are used to. They are a bit larger in diameter, have a lower dome, and are made of harder material. Due to their larger size, they generally don't fit American trap machines.

International rules also call for the targets to be able to fly farther. Because of the necessary speed to make this flight, they will fly a bit flatter than American targets do.

This all adds up to a target that's harder to hit, and harder to break when you do hit it. This can be a mighty tough competition.

If a target is broken at the time it's thrown, it's a "no bird" target, and must be repeated. If it's not thrown in accordance with the rules, then it's an "irregular" target. If it was thrown properly and whole, but not broken by the shooter, then it's a "lost" target.

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