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Trulock Shotgun Choke Tubes

Trulock makes some fine chokes.


I've had the pleasure of using a couple of Precision Hunter choke tubes from Trulock Tool in a Remington 12-gauge 11-87 Premier semi-automatic shotgun, and I'm quite pleased with the results. Trulock offers a quality product, and excellent service as well.

Originally, I'd ordered two tubes for my Mossberg 9200 semi-auto, and soon after that I fell into a deal on an 11-87, which I'd been wanting for some time. Since I already owned a fair assortment of chokes for the Mossberg, and I wanted to tote the Remington in the turkey woods, I Emailed George Trulock and asked about exchanging them. "No problem," he said, and I had the new ones almost before I'd had a chance to mail the others back! Now that's what I call service.

These tubes are a .665-bore extra-full turkey choke and a .705-bore improved modified. Mr. Trulock recommended the improved modified for shooting clay pigeons and doves. I'm very pleased with both of these tubes; they perform well in their respective applications. Precision Hunter chokes are extended length chokes and are knurled for easy removal and installation. They're manufactured from high quality, heat treated stainless steel and have a black oxide finish to reduce glare.

I patterned the turkey choke with my favorite turkey load - Remington's 2 3/4-inch Magnum Duplex 4x6 shells - and was quite pleased. While I didn't record the exact pattern size, suffice it to say that I've never gotten (or seen anyone else get) a tighter or better pattern with any other turkey choke/shotgun/ammo combo. Hot weather and other circumstances conspired to prevent me from using that choke to bag a turkey last spring, but that's the tube, gun, and ammo I expect to use for turkey hunting in the future.

I used the improved modified tube a few weeks back, on an informal clay-busting outing with some friends. The last wingshooting of any kind I'd done previously was months before, and I wasn't exactly "in the groove" on this occasion. Not to worry, though; the improved modified tube seemed to take up my slack and let me bust 'em several times when I should have missed. I'm not saying it worked magic - I did miss some! - but I broke more clays than I feel I had a right to, and I credit the choke with helping me accomplish that. This is definitely the tube I want in my scattergun, come dove season.

I should mention the one negative aspect (if you can call it that), which is that the extra-full tube I received for the Remington apparently wasn't quite machined to specs on the outside of the tube. Some mill marks on the outside of the tube forward of the threads make it a little snug to get started, but aren't really a problem in my opinion. I'm entirely certain that Mr. Trulock would be glad to exchange the tube if I should ask, but I don't intend to... the tube is fully usable and does what it's designed to do, and its looks are not affected when installed, so I'm satisfied with it.

Precision Hunter chokes, as of October, 2004, were priced at $34.95 each (unported, Remington 12 gauge) at the Trulock Web site, which I feel is reasonable for such a high-quality tube, especially one that carries a lifetime warranty. Trulock offers a 5% discount to NRA members, as well. Prices for tubes compatible with other choke systems may vary, and other types of tubes are available, such as their Sporting Clays and Pattern Plus models.

- Russ Chastain

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