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Remington Nylon 66 22 Rimfire Semi-Auto Rifle Review


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Barrel Markings, Date Codes
Remington Nylon 66 rear barrel markings.

Two Remington Nylon 66 rifles; Mohawk Brown above Apache Black. The MB (top) was made in July, 1959 (as evidenced by the OF stamped into the left rear of the barrel) and the AB was built in July of 1971 (its stamping is OU).

Photo © Russ Chastain
In this photo, we can see the difference in barrel markings on these rifles. While the old rifle meekly states "PAT. PEND." and "22 L.R. ONLY," the later gun sports a stylized Remington logo in between lines that read the same as those above.


I find it interesting that although the 66 had been in constant production for twenty-two years, the later gun still specified that the patent was pending, rather than having been granted.

Dating These Guns

These photos also help show how I determined the dates of manufacture. Many Remington guns have date codes stamped into the left rear of their barrels, and these are no exceptions.

The Mohawk Brown model has a date code of OF, and the Apache Black one has OU. These indicate the month and year of manufacture of each rifle. The "O" represents the month of July, so both guns were made in that month.

Using Remington's system of dating, certain letters are repeated during different years, but "U" only occurs once during the 1959-1990 production span of the Nylon 66 - and it represents 1971. So the Apache Black rifle was made in July, 1971.

The "F" on the Mohawk Brown gun occurs twice during the time the Nylon 66 was being produced: 1959 and 1985. I can confidently say that my rifle was built in July of 1959, because of the lack of a stylized barrel stamp - and most importantly, that rifle's lack of a serial number. Many guns didn't require a serial number prior to 1968, and Nylon rifles weren't serialized until 1967.

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