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JP Sauer Model 38H 32 ACP Pistol Review


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Comfortable Grip, Trigger Pull, and Right Side of Pistol
Right side of this J.P. Sauer Model 38H pistol isn't marked

Right side of J P Sauer Model 38H semi-automatic 32 caliber pocket pistol. This side has no markings other than the "eagle-n" proof marks seen on the rear of the frame and slide.

Photo © Russ Chastain
The right side of a J.P. Sauer 38H pistol is shown above. It is even more spartan than the left side, in terms of markings. All we see here are identical proof marks on the rear of both slide and frame. These marks feature the Nazi eagle above the letter N, indicating the gun has been proofed with nitro (smokeless) powder. This proof mark came into use in 1940, so we know the gun was made after that - probably quite a while after that.

As you can see, the right grip panel is not marked. The grips on this pistol are replacements, but they mimic the originals fairly well.

This pistol sits very comfortably in my hand, and part of the reason for that can be seen in this photo. The generous amount of inset at the top of the grip allows the gun to nestle nicely between my fingers and thumb, while keeping the hand-eating slide well above my hand. The grip angle, no doubt derived in part from other successful pistols of the era, also contributes to its overall comfort.

The Sauer 38H is SA/DA (single action/double action), so the hammer may be dropped on the chamber using only the trigger, whether the hammer is cocked or not.

This gun's single action trigger pull is on the creepy side, but not too terrible. Its average pull weight is about 6.5 pounds. Double action, however, is tough. It takes a fair amount of force to take up the slack in the trigger, and then the last portion of the pull is extremely heavy and requires the trigger to move (creep) quite a ways before the hammer falls.

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