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Pelican 1750 "Long Case" Double Rifle Hard Gun Case

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Pelican 1750

Pelican 1750 double rifle/shotgun hard gun case

Photo courtesy of Pelican Products, Inc.

The Bottom Line

The Pelican 1750 is a large, heavy, tough case. Mine came with solid foam inserts, and I hate to cut things, especially if they cost very much. I tried closing the case on a rifle without cutting the foam, but the foam doesn't give very much.

I got out a marker and the ol' electric carving knife and went to work. I made the cutouts smaller than the guns (per Pelican's instructions), and things worked well. It was a job cramming the guns into their cutouts, but by golly they were well-protected when I got 'em there.

This case ain't cheap, guns ain't cheap, and elk hunts cost out the wazoo - but I recommend 'em all.

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  • Tough and durable.
  • Made in USA.
  • Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof.
  • Lockable with padlocks (instead of chintzy latch locks).
  • Has a lifetime Guarantee.


  • Heavy.
  • Latches can come open accidentally (but usually not easily).
  • It ain't cheap.


  • Hard gun case sized to carry at least two long guns. Interior foam is optional; mine had solid foam (cut to fit your guns).
  • Dimensions per Pelican (Length x Width x Depth): Exterior = 53.00" x 16.00" x 6.12"; Interior = 50.50" x 13.50" x 5.25".
  • Weight with foam padding inside: 25.57 pounds (per Pelican).
  • Has an automatic pressure equalization valve, so the case isn't affected by changing pressures at different altitudes.
  • Available in black and Desert Tan, with OD Green "available upon request."
  • Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof.
  • Lifetime guarantee (they call it "unconditional," but then they list conditions).
  • Has recessed wheels on one end, so you can roll it on smooth surfaces.
  • Mine contained foam that you cut to fit your guns. Careful! Replacement foam is very costly.

Guide Review - Pelican 1750 "Long Case" Double Rifle Hard Gun Case

When I went on my first elk hunt, I needed to fly with two rifles. I already owned some hard cases, but none that were tough enough to ensure my guns would be really well-protected. I'd seen a friend's Pelican 1720 case and had been impressed with it, but the price was a bit hard for me to swallow.

After a trip to a Gander Mountain retail store to compare cases, I was much closer to owning a Pelican case. It was simply the best of the bunch - and the best value. On a later trip to Gander, I bought a Pelican 1750 for $250 plus tax, but if I hadn't waited until just before my trip, I could have ordered it online and saved a pretty good chunk of change, even with shipping costs.

I don't regret my decision to buy this case, and it served me well on two flights. It's easy to forget that while the case ain't cheap, neither are your guns.

The 1750's main drawback is its heavy weight. Pelican has the nerve to call it "light weight" on their website, but with only foam inside, it weighs in just shy of 26 pounds. After I added two rifles and a few small extras, the case weighed forty-something pounds, and was a pretty good grunt to handle. Thank goodness it has wheels on one end.

Speaking of wheels, they're wide and tough, and for now they roll smoothly. Pelican likes to brag about their stainless steel bearings, but the bearings are moot on my case, because the ID of each bearing simply spins on the axle pin that holds the wheel in place.

The latches are tough, but can open at inopportune times. When my case came out on the conveyor in the Tampa airport, one latch was hanging wide open - outboard of the ribs that protect it when latched.

The handles are large and tough. The entire case is tough, in fact. After two flights, it shows signs of rough handling - but the only ill effects are cosmetic.

It's a good case.

- Russ Chastain

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User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Great Hard Gun Case, Member ComitSteve

I've been very pleased with my Pelican 1750. This thing is nearly indestructible from the look and feel of it. I've been pretty hard on my case, and it's no worse for the wear. Highly recommended! P.S. - I recommend buying online from Ralph's Pelican Cases, they had some of the best deals I've ever seen on Pelican cases.

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