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Review: Wheeler Engineering Action Wrench No. 2 for Remington/Savage (PN 414521)

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The Bottom Line

This wrench is certainly hefty and strong, but I feel it could benefit from some more refinement. The list price of this wrench is fairly high - but we all know that sometimes you have to pay to play, and using the "Compare Prices" link in this review should help you save some dough.

This wrench should do the job, but it has some design shortcomings which may make it difficult to use.


  • Very heavy and strong.
  • Provides a lot of leverage.
Photo of Wheeler Engineering action wrench, lying on my work bench.

Wheeler Engineering action wrench, lying on my work bench.

Photo © Russ Chastain

  • The bolt that's supposed to go into the receiver did not fit on my Savage 110.
  • Cutout for recoil lug didn't fit the Savage recoil lug properly.
  • Probably made in China (although the package doesn't say). The lack of labeling alone is a con.

  • Wrench for gripping the action (receiver) in a Remington 700 or Savage 110 rifle.
  • Solidly made of steel - and lots of it.
  • Includes a hole and machine screw (bolt) for threading into the receiver (but that didn't work on my Savage).
  • Should get most of its leverage from the recoil lug.
  • Wheeler Engineering/Battenfeld Technologies PN 414521.
Guide Review - Wheeler Engineering Action Wrench No. 2 for Remington and Savage (Part No. 414521)

This is a simple tool, as it should be. Does it work? Well, in my case, the answer is, "Kind of." I will add that, once I realized that it wasn't necessary for my project, I was relieved.

Remington 700 and Savage 110

On the manufacturer's site (and on the package), this wrench is specified for use on the Remington Model 700 rifle... but it is marketed for both the Remington 700 and the Savage Model 110, so it's the one I obtained when it was time to rebarrel a Savage 110 rifle from 30-06 to 338-06.

First Impression

My first impression was awe at its mass. This is a very hefty wrench, and should be quite strong. But when I tried it on for size by fitting it to the action of my rifle, I was disappointed. It didn't fit just right, the cutout for the recoil lug was oversized and could stand to be a little deeper, and the hole for the included machine screw (meant to be threaded into a hole in the receiver) didn't line up.

Putting it to Use

I think this wrench will do the job, and user reviews I've read online were mostly positive, but it could benefit from a little more refinement, as far as design goes. When it comes to brute strength, I don't think you'll find this wrench lacking.

Keeping it aligned with the recoil lug may be a bit tricky, since the screw hole doesn't line up - and even if it did, that screw (bolt) would almost certainly bend when the wrench takes up the slack between the edge of the oversized recoil lug cutout and the recoil lug itself.


All in all, this wrench seems to take a "bull in a china shop" approach to things, and - with some care on the part of the user - I think it will usually succeed.

- Russ Chastain

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