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Review of Lockdown Safe Door Pocket Small Document Holder

Works Pretty Well, But Costs Too Much

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Front view of Lockdown safe door pocket or small document holder.

Front view of Lockdown safe door pocket or small document holder.

Photo © Russ Chastain
The Bottom Line

The Lockdown Small Document Holder from Battenfeld Technologies is what I call a safe door pocket. Sure, it can be put most anywhere inside a safe, but in most cases it will be best used when mounted to the door.

It can be mounted using magnets or "vampire clips" (both are included), and provides a handy place to store pistol magazines, rifle magazines, pocket knives, etc. I kinda like this product, but it has a few quirks - including price - that keep me from rating it higher.


  • Provides additional storage inside your gun safe, vault, locker, or cabinet.
  • Can be attached using magnets or "vampire clips."
  • Dividers allow you to adjust the size of the pocket(s).
  • Looks nice.
Lockdown safe door pocket or small document holder can be installed using magnets or vampire clips.

Rear view of Lockdown safe door pocket or small document holder. On the left is a magnet for installing on steel, and on the right is the "vampire clip" for use on upholstered doors.

Photo © Russ Chastain

  • Made in China.
  • Takes up more room that it needs to.
  • Dividers only install one way; they have a definite top and front, although neither is marked.

  • Sturdy plastic pocket that attaches to your safe's interior using magnets or vampire clips.
  • Vampire clips are plastic clips that have two sharp metal prongs. When using them, you will have a total of four prongs to support the pocket.
  • You poke the prongs into the fabric liner on the interior of your safe.
  • Each magnet has a thin layer of rubber applied to it, to prevent scratches.
  • When using the magnets, you can install an included rubbery cushion on the back of the pocket, to prevent scratches.
  • Size: 6 7/8" long x 3 1/2" tall x 2 1/2" deep (overall).
  • Inside dimensions: It tapers, but inside length is about 6" and depth (front to back) is only 1 3/4". Up-and-down depth varies; the average is about 2 1/2".
  • Two dividers (1 5/8" tall) allow you to create three areas inside of it.
  • One-year warranty.

It's Not Complicated

Lockdown Vault Accessories offers some interesting and useful ways to improve your gun safe's efficiency, and this is one of them. I call it a door pocket, they call it a small document holder. Call it what you want, it's handy and makes a great place to store loose magazines for your pistols and rifles.

This is a good-looking thing, but the practical part of me screams that the designers could have provided just as much storage in a smaller package - or even more storage in a product of the same overall size. But if you like bling, the black and dull silver two-tone styling and the "chrome bolt heads" might light your fire.

The Small Document Holder comes with two mounting options: Magnets or "vampire clips." There are two sockets in the back of the pocket that will accept either magnets or clips. The clips each have two wire prongs meant to be poked into the carpet or fabric liner on the interior of your safe.

I have been using the vampire clips with mine. They quality is not high; wire length is uneven and they wires aren't uniformly sharp. Some of them are rough and tend to snag on the fabric inside of my safe's door when I go to stick it in. But, once I finally get all the prongs stuck in and have it nice and level, they do a fine job of holding it in place.

I like to keep spare pistol magazines in mine, and it would also make a handy place to put spare rifle magazines, revolver speed loaders, or pocket knives.

Be careful where you put it on your door - make sure it won't hit your guns or interior shelves when you close the door.

I like this product, but wish it would have made a more efficient use of the space which it occupies. I further wish that the price was more reasonable. $22 for a molded plastic pocket to hang inside my safe? Come on.

- Russ Chastain

Disclosure: A review sample was provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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