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Makers of Powder, Primers, Brass Cases (Shells) and Shotshells

Manufacturers of ammunition reloading components such as, powder, primers, brass cases, shotshells, etc.

Accurate Powder
These folks offer smokeless powders for all handguns, rifles, and shotguns, for reloading or OEM purposes.

Alliant Powder
Alliant offers reloading data and how-to info, along with several powders for loading shotshells and pistol, revolver, and rifle ammo.

CCI makes primers, rimfire ammo, and centerfire pistol ammo. Owned by ATK.

Hodgdon Powder Co.
Hodgdon is one of the gunpowder industry's leaders. This site contains a lot of useful information for the reloader, including a basic reloaders manual.

IMR Smokeless Powders
An old and experienced powder manufacturer, IMR offers shooters a broad, well-known line of smokeless powder.

PMC Ammo
"Precision Made Cartridges." These folks offer their brass as a separate reloading component.

Ramshot Powders
Ramshot makes several varieties of powder, and offers a downloadable Load Guide. Left side of screen does not scroll on this site, so maximize your browser of you want to see the full menu.

Starline Brass
New unprimed brass for a wide array of handgun cartridges, and a few long-range black powder rifle cartridges. I really like the Starline brass I bought for my 45-70 - very good quality-control and durability.

This company makes smokeless gunpowder for loading many cartridges.

Winchester Ammo
This site keeps you updated on Winchester's Ammunition division's latest activities. Winchester offers a wide variety of ammo and loading components - including bullets, powder, primers, shotshell wads, etc.

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