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Top American Olympic Shooters


11. Emily Caruso - Women's Air Rifle

Emily Caruso competing at the women's 10m air rifle qualifying event at Athens 2004 Summer Olympics.
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
Emily Caruso has won national championships with her air rifle multiple times, and after a weak start she took first place at the 2008 Olympic shooting trials...

12. Sandra Fong - Women's Rifle

Photo of Olympic Rifle Shooter Sandra Fong at the 2008 Olympic Team Trials for smallbore rifle.
Photo courtesy of United States Olympic Committee
Teen Sandra Fong began competing in swimming and later moved on to the rifle range, where she really excelled. At the 2008 tryouts, she edged out her own sister (Abigail) and placed second. Her sister Danielle will also compete in Beijing 2008, and the Paralympic Games...

13. Vincent Hancock - Men's Shotgun (Skeet)

Photo of 2008 Olympic Skeet Shooter Vincent Hancock at 2007 World Cup Italy.
Photo courtesy of United States Olympic Committee
Young Vincent Hancock, born in 1989, was a world champion in skeet by age 16. This teenage world record holder expects to win in the 2008 Olympics, and it looks like his chances ain't bad at all...

14. Bret Erickson - Men's Shotgun (Trap)

Photo of Olympic Shotgun Trap Shooter Bret Erickson, member of 2008 USA Shooting Men's Olympic Team.
Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army
Bret Erickson is one of the oldest shotgunners to represent the USA at the 2008 Olympics, and he has earned his chance to be there in 1992, 1996, 2004, and 2008. 2008 may be Bret's last Olympic go-round, and his decades of shotgun experience may be just what he needs...

15. Walton Glenn Eller III - Men's Shotgun (Double Trap)

2008 USA Olympic Trap shooter Walton Glenn Eller at the 2007 ISSF Shotgun World Cup. He won Gold.
Photo Courtesy of U.S. Army
Glenn Eller has been winning big since age 12, and his 2000 and 2004 Olympic experiences, together with a couple years with the USAMU, may be just what he needs to make it big in Beijing, after he neatly secured first place at the Olympic Double Trap shooting trials...

16. Jeffrey "Jeff" Holguin - Men's Shotgun (Double Trap)

Photo of 2008 Olympic Trap Shooter Jeffrey "Jeff" Holguin at a shooting trail at Fort Benning, GA.
Photo Courtesy of U.S. Marine Corps
Jeff Holguin joined the US Army's USAMU along with Glenn Eller in 2006, and that seems to have been just what he needed. He placed second at the 2008 Olympic trials for Double Trap...

17. Kimberly "Kim" Rhode - Women's Shotgun (Skeet)

Kim Rhode celebrating in 1996. Age 17, she was the Youngest female Olympic Gold shooting medalist.
Photo by Rick Stewart /Allsport
Kim Rhode's Olympic experience is legendary, beginning in 1996 when she became the youngest-ever female Olympic Gold medal winner in shooting. She also earned medals in 2000 and 2004, and she aims to do the same in 2008...

18. Corey Cogdell - Women's Shotgun (Trap)

Photo of Olympic Shotgun (Trap) Shooter Corey Cogdell, member of the 2008 USA Shooting Olympic Team.
Photo courtesy of United States Olympic Committee
Alaska native Corey Cogdell really got off to a fast start. She started serious trap shooting competition in 2006, and two years later she took the top spot at the 2008 Olympic trials for Women's Trap...

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