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Olympic Shooter Kimberly Rhode, Champion Skeet and Trap Shooter


Kim Rhode celebrating in 1996. Age 17, she was the Youngest female Olympic Gold shooting medalist.

Olympic Medalist Kim Rhode celebrating her Gold medal victory in 1996 at Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Just age 17 at the time, she became the youngest female Gold medalist in the history of Olympic shooting.

Photo by Rick Stewart /Allsport

Born to Win:

It seems as if Kimberly Rhode, also known as Kim, was born to win - especially in the Olympics. At the tender age of 17 at the 1996 Olympic Games, she won Gold in Double Trap, becoming the youngest female to win a Gold medal in Olympic shooting. And her story doesn't end there - far from it. She has continued shooting competitively and has even been known to use her notoriety to promote hunting and shooting, co-hosting "Step Outside," a Outdoor Channel program designed to offer outdoor experiences to city kids.

How She Got Started:

Kim got started in hunting and shooting at an early age. By age 12, she had been on an African safari, and at 13 she won the world championship in women's double trap shooting. At 14, she was captain of the All American team. When she was 17 and the youngest member of the USA Shooting team at the 1996 Olympics, she stunned the shooting world by securing her first Gold medal - but certainly not her last.

Kim's Wins:

Her achievements and wins are too many to list here, but she has been winning medals in shooting competition since 1995, when she took the Bronze at the Seoul World Cup. Here are some of her Olympic highlights:

  • 1996: Gold in Women's Double Trap
  • 2000: Bronze in Women's Double Trap
  • 2004: Gold in Women's Double Trap (and fifth place in Women's Skeet)
  • 2008: First place in U.S. Olympic Team Trials (Shotgun)
  • 2008: Silver in Women's Skeet (75 Targets)
  • 2012: Gold in Women's Skeet (100 Targets)

But What Does She do For Fun?:

According to USA Shooting, Kim enjoys hunting, giving shooting demonstrations, speaking in public, skiing, and rebuilding/restoring cars. She has also attended veterinary school, and I've heard that as of 2008 she was engaged to Mike Harryman, lead singer for a band named Longfish. This gal is definitely no wallflower.

Changing it Up:

Kim opted to compete in Women's Skeet for the 2008 Olympic Games in China. While Women's Double Trap had historically been "her" event, it was removed from the Olympic Games after 2004. After a hiatus from shooting competition, Kim returned to once again show us what she's made of, which is mighty good stuff.

The 2006 USA Shooting National Championships marked her first competition since the 2004 Olympics, and she made good by earning a Bronze medal, thus securing herself a place on the 2008 Women’s Skeet Olympics shooting team.

Keep your eye on Kimberly Rhode, folks. She's a shooting star in more ways than one.

Kim Rhode in 2008:

In Beijing, Kim once again proved herself by winning Silver in a very rainy Women's Skeet competition. She found herself in a three-way tie with Chiara Cainero (Italy) and Christine Brinker (Germany). During the ensuing shoot-off, Cainero grabbed the Gold by hitting the first two targets, while Kim and Brinker each missed one. Kim came in second in the shoot-off, and the rest is history.

Kim Rhode Sets Records in 2012:

At the 2012 summer Olympics in London, Kim Rhode won a gold medal when she broke 99 out of 100 targets in women's skeet. This landmark win made her the first U.S. athlete to win individual medals in five consecutive Olympic Games.
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