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Eureka! Centerfire Sleeping Bag +15

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Eureka Centerfire +15f Sleeping Bag

Eureka Centerfire +15f sleeping bag, with stuff sack

Photo Courtesy of Johnson Outdoors Inc.

The Bottom Line

The Eureka! Centerfire +15f sleeping bag is just about perfect for me. I don't plan to haul it around much, so I don't care whether it packs up small. It's oversized, as a full-sized fella like myself can appreciate - all six-foot-one and 230 pounds of me. It's tough, so I don't think I'll wear it out anytime soon... and best of all, it's very, very comfortable.

During the three months of hunting-season testing I put this bag through, every now and then I'd write some comments about it in my notes. If I had to express all of those thoughts in one short sentence, it would be: "This thing is great!"

It really is.

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  • Tough - the outside shell is rugged (100% cotton denim) and should take a lot of abuse.
  • Big - for those of us who are full-sized and want a sleeping bag that fits.
  • Comfortable - the soft cotton flannel lining and the polyester insulation make it soft and snug.
  • Well-made - stitching is not your typical sloppy stuff, although it is made in China.
  • Well-designed - lots of thought went into this sleeping bag's design.


  • Packing provision is not the best. Seems like the bag could be packed up smaller.
  • Made in China.


  • Large, tough, oversized sleeping bag. Denim shell, flannel lining, "Thermashield" polyester batting insulation.
  • Dimensions per manufacturer: 80" x 38". Finished size is actually about 76" x 34" (exterior dimensions).
  • Manufacturer's claimed "stuff size" is 13" x 34". I just checked, and that's accurate.
  • Weight of insulation: 4 lbs, 8 oz. Carry weight: 11 lbs, 3 oz. Rated to +15 degrees F.
  • Has three two-way zippers - one for the foot, one along the side, and another partway along the other side.
  • The purpose of the third zipper is to allow you to sit up in bed while leaving the bag mostly zipped up.
  • The foot zipper allows you to poke your feet out while keeping the side zipped up, should you wish to do so.
  • The two main zippers have wide fabric strips to prevent snagging. All have good "curbs" of insulation to keep warmth in.
  • Has a tab with velcro that you can use to keep the side zipper from unzipping itself during the night.
  • The sleeping bag has two small pockets (1 inside, 1 out). The "stuff sack" can be stuffed with clothes and used as a pillow.

Guide Review - Eureka! Centerfire Sleeping Bag +15

Back when I was seventeen years old, I became a bit of a sleeping bag snob. I had grown to be a little taller than six feet, and wanted a bag that wasn't too short for me. I also wanted one with plenty of insulation - and a rugged one that would last, as the cheap sleeping bags of my youth never did. I found what I was looking for at a local store, and shelled out the princely sum of $50 for it.

I never regretted that purchase, and it helped instill in me a healthy respect for a quality sleeping bag. As the years went by and that old bag got worn, I wondered whether I'd ever find one as good as that one. I had just about given up when I ran across some info on Eureka! sleeping bags, and decided to try one out. Boy, am I glad I did.

The Eureka! Centerfire +15f sleeping bag is large, well-insulated, rugged, good-looking, well-made, and generally well-designed. The only design flaw I've found so far is the provision for packing the bag - it ends up fairly huge because there's no real allowance for rolling it up really tightly.

This sleeping bag comes with a black storage bag (stuff sack). I thought it was nylon, but the label says it's polyester.

There are no straps or strings attached to the sleeping bag for securing it when it's rolled. You pretty much just roll it up (full width, unlike every other sleeping bag I've ever owned) and cram it into the storage bag, which has some velcro straps for securing it. After that, zip up the storage bag and go on about your business.

The storage bag has a large pocket on the outside, and oversized carry straps which allow you to carry it on your shoulders like a backpack if you wish.

The generous size, insulation, comfortable lining, attention to detail, and toughness of the outer shell all add up to make this my favorite sleeping bag ever. The nice two-tone green and brown shell ensures that it even looks good, too.

Disclosure: A review sample was provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

- Russ Chastain

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