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Snake Guardz Leg Protectors

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Snake Guardz Leg Protectors

Snake Guardz Leg Protectors

CrackShot Corporation

The Bottom Line

These leg protectors are a good product. While I don't feel that they offer me 100% snake protection due to the small gaps between armor panels, I definitely believe that while wearing them I have a whole lot more protection than without them. And I've seen a video of a rattlesnake striking repeatedly at a genius who provoked it while wearing a pair of Snake Guardz, and the snake didn't get past them, though it did strike at areas near the gaps. Snake Guardz are comfortable and light, and help keep dew and dirt off of my britches and boots.
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  • They're easy to put on, and easy to wear.
  • Light and comfortable... so much so, that sometimes I have even forgotten I had them on.
  • Protects your leg and your boot laces from brush, dirt, briars, and moisture.
  • Tough polycarbonate armor inserts provide protection from fangs, thorns, and other hazards.
  • Protects your leg as high as snake boots, and you can wear whatever boots are comfortable for you.


  • Gaps in the polycarbonate armor inserts look like they may allow a snake's fangs to sneak through.


  • Snake Guardz "Snake Proof" lightweight comfortable leg armor.
  • Tough polycarbonate armor panels sandwiched inside layers of tough, soft cloth fabric.
  • They wrap around the lower leg and buckle together. The rear portion allows for overlapping the panels (the front does not).
  • Small gaps along the side edges of the front armor panel look like they may possibly allow a fang to slip through...
  • ... But the company's president has been struck many times while wearing these, and no snake has ever penetrated the Guardz.
  • Available in a variety of colors and camo patterns.
  • Toe cover keeps brush from abrading your shoelaces, and keeps dirt & moisture out of your boot.
  • My pair are made of a fabric they call "Whisper Quiet." It's quieter than the tough nylon used on others, but not as durable.
  • Protect the leg up to 18 inches high.
  • Made in the USA.

Guide Review - Snake Guardz Leg Protectors

The first field test my pair of Snake Guardz received was done by an uncle of mine, a die-hard deer hunter who mostly hunts in Florida. He found them comfortable enough, but wasn't completely confident in their snake protection due to the small gaps between the armor panels, where the only protection is fabric.

I've worn them in the woods here in Florida, where warm weather (and thus the presence of active snakes) is unfortunately the rule during much of deer hunting season. I found them comfortable, and really appreciated them during a walk through dew-soaked brush, where they helped keep my pants and boots dry, and added confidence that 99% of snake bites wouldn't have a chance of getting through them.

Now that I've mentioned that, I'll balance it by adding that I've witnessed video of a rattlesnake striking repeatedly at someone wearing a pair of Snake Guardz, and the snake didn't get past them, though it did strike at areas near the gaps.

I have also heard from the company's president, who has demonstrated this product in a snake pit (and has been struck by rattlers) many times. While doing so, he has never had a snake penetrate the Guardz, nor has he ever had a report from customers that any snake has done so.

Snake Guardz are comfortable and light, and help keep dew and dirt off of my britches and out of my boots. During a hike of several miles one damp morning, I forgot I had them on - except when I realized my legs were dry.

I do believe they offer good protection from snakes, and they're so easy to wear that I'm more likely to use these than any other snake protection I have previously owned or used. That alone makes them pretty valuable, because the best protection isn't worth much if you don't go to the trouble of putting it on.

- Russ Chastain

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 4 out of 5
Not all the protection you need, Member pkroell

I have snake proof boots that I wear and yet I have been bitten 2 times above the 18"" high boots. A rattler especially can strike his full length although he cannot recoil again but I was struck both times by snakes that struck the full length of their body above my boots. I think that snake proof boots (mine are more than 30 years old, the old aluminum type 18"" tall are a good preventive but if you are depending on them in every case to protect you from any bites I think you better learn about snakes first. They never do what you expect and just like a bear when you least expect it they do something less likely.

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