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Review of LimbSaver Crossbow Silencer System 3312 for Split Limb Crossbows

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Limb Saver Crossbow Silencer System 3312 (black) or 3322 (camo).

Limb Saver Crossbow Silencer System 3312 (black) or 3322 (camo).

Photo courtesy of Sims Vibration Laboratory

The Bottom Line

Crossbows are loud. That's all there is to it, really. If you want to quiet your crossbow, this will certainly help... and because it helps reduce shock, it should help extend the life of your crossbow.

While nothing will completely quiet a bow, and this did not reduce my crossbow noise to whisper level (nor should it be expected to), the LimbSaver Crossbow Silencer System 3312 made a big difference, and I can recommend it to anyone with a split-limb crossbow. For solid limbs, use their 3311 kit.


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  • Easy installation.
  • Made a considerable difference in the noise my crossbow makes when fired.
  • Vibration reduction should help extend the life of crossbows and scopes.
  • Made in USA.
  • The manufacturer offers excellent customer service.


  • Allen wrench not included (no biggie).
  • Requires a bow press to install string leeches on compound crossbows.


  • Kit that contains two limb silencers, two string leech silencers, and one arrow/bolt retainer dampener.
  • This kit 3312 is for split limb crossbows; use 3311 for solid limbs.
  • Split limb silencers clamp easily on bow limbs using your allen hex wrench.
  • Retainer dampener installs easily (peel and stick) and eliminated the vibration "twang" sound from mine.
  • Have the bow pressed at an archery shop to install the string leeches. (These will be the first parts to wear out.)
  • Kit 3322 has camo limb silencers; this one (3312) has black ones.

Guide Review - Review of LimbSaver Crossbow Silencer System 3312 for Split Limb Crossbows

When I finally broke down and bought a crossbow in 2009, it was a slightly-used Barnett Wildcat C5. While Barnett is not the best in terms of quality, their crossbows will do the job they're made for... and, like all crossbows, they're loud.

Thinking of Sims

This pointed me towards Sims Vibration Laboratory (the folks who make LimbSaver recoil pads). The first LimbSaver product had been for silencing compound bows, and I soon discovered that Sims offered products for quieting crossbows. Before long, I was the proud owner of a kit containing a pair of limb silencers, a couple String Leeches, and a bolt retainer dampener.

Installing the Limb Silencers

I installed the components in stages, firing the crossbow between each one. The limb silencers made a big difference, and installed very easily. Because this kit (3312) is for split limbs, installation is a clamping affair. A plastic plate goes inside the limb, and an allen-head screw goes through that into a base which has the rubbery Navcom material attached. I followed the directions for placement, tightened it up, then installed the other one at the same distance from the axle (about four inches).

No peel-and-stick was required for the limb silencers, but the opposite is true if you buy the 3311 kit for solid limbs. About the only downside I found to this part was that I had to supply the hex allen wrench, which was no problem.

Installing the Retainer Dampener

Next, I applied the "bolt retainer dampener." This is a simple little peel-and-stick item designed to eliminate vibration in the piece of spring steel that holds your arrow, or bolt, in place. It sticks to the top of the retainer in a location that won't interfere with your arrow fletches. This removed the "twang" sound, and made a surprisingly big difference in the level of noise generated when I fired the crossbow.

And Finally, the String Leeches

I next installed the string leeches, but for reasons which I shan't make public due to their moronic nature, there was a delay between installation and shooting the crossbow, so I can't testify to their effectiveness. I'm sure they helped quiet the bow, I'm just not sure how much.

After all that, I had to make a sighting adjustment. Whether this was due to the new parts or the fact that the bow was removed from the stock and pressed to install the leeches, I don't know. But it really doesn't matter - anytime anything is changed on any bow, it should be fired to check zero.

In the end, I'm satisfied with Sims' LimbSaver Crossbow Silencer System 3312, and the fact that I bagged two whitetails with it certainly doesn't hurt. All crossbows are loud, and this kit probably won't turn yours into a whisper-quiet hunting tool, but it makes a big difference and reduces the chance of a deer "jumping the string" (moving when startled by noise, before the arrow reaches its mark).

Once again, I've found a quality hunting product that I can wholeheartedly recommend. I like it when that happens.

- Russ Chastain


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