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UCO Light My Fire Stormproof Match Kit Review

These Matches Put a Lot of Hell in Your Hand.

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Photo of UCO Light My Fire stormproof match kit.

UCO Light My Fire stormproof match kit. Mine came with some cotton in the lid, to use as tinder.

Photo courtesy of UCO
The Bottom Line

These matches burn brightly and intensely - certainly much moreso than any other match I've ever tried. Will they light a fire in a storm? Maybe - it all depends on what you're trying to burn. At any rate, they are good matches, and they come in a waterproof container with spare striking surfaces and a bit of cotton tinder.


  • Container is waterproof.
  • Matches burn intensely for several seconds.
  • They can "come back to life" (with a little help) even after being dunked in water.
  • Kit includes extra strikers and a bit of cotton tinder.

  • Not easy to light when wet.
  • Waterproof container is a bit bulky.

  • Kit includes waterproof container, 25 stormproof matches, and 3 striking surfaces.
  • Container is a two-piece plastic tube; the two parts screw together.
  • Some cotton is crammed into the lid and could serve as tinder.
  • There is a spot on the outside of the container to hold a striking surface; when worn out, it can be removed and replaced.
  • Available with green or yellow container.
  • Matches burn for up to 15 seconds, and can keep burning after being dunked under water.

Guide Review - UCO Light My Fire Stormproof Match Kit

What can we say about matches that hasn't already been said? Plenty, if we think about it.

We hunters put up with a lot, from cold to wet and everything in between. When we need a fire, either to warm us or to cook our food, we often need it in a hurry - and we need our means of starting that fire to be reliable.

These matches deliver, provided that you have enough dry tinder and small wood to get a good blaze going before adding any less-dry wood. When struck on a dry striker, the matches light easily. Once lit, they burn very intensely.

Long Burning

They claim the matches "will stay lit for up to 15 seconds," and I timed one at exactly that - without accounting for the few additional seconds that the wooden match stem will provide.

The Water Treatment

If you look around on YouTube, you might find some videos showing one of these matches being dunked in a glass of water while burning, and then coming back to life once it's removed. I tried that, and it does work - but I had to coax the glowing match back to flame by gently blowing on it, and the flame promptly died when it reached the bare wood of the match stick. So they are indeed good matches - but possibly not as fantastic as a well-practiced demonstrator can make them appear.

I then wet the striker with water and attempted to strike a match. This met with repeated failure until I finally wiped the striker thoroughly with my dry t-shirt. After that, a few more flicks finally lit the match. So, keep your strikers dry if at all possible.

Shapes of Things

A flat/rectangular container would be less bulky than this round one, but it would be more difficult to build and make waterproof - and it would have to be pretty large to do the job and be as strong as this cylinder. So the cylindrical container is a good compromise, and does the job well.


Inside the cylinder are 25 matches packed in pretty tightly (not much room to spare), and a small plastic bag with two extra strikers inside (one other striker is pre-installed on the exterior of the cylinder). Some cotton is crammed into the lid, and could easily serve as tinder.

Need more matches? No problem - they're sold separately from the waterproof kit, so you don't have to buy the whole kit again when you run out.

In Summary

It's a simple product that delivers. Hard to ask for more than that.

- Russ Chastain

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