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Hunting 101

All about hunting - whether it's big game, turkey, upland or waterfowl. Basics, guides & outfitters, reviews, tree stands, clothing, manufacturers, state hunting regulations, and more!
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Hunting and Hunters Superstitions - Odd Beliefs That Hunters Live by
Hunting superstitions - many hunters have them. Whether it's lucky socks, shirt, pants, hat, cap, arrow, underwear, etc - or a simple refusal to do (or insistence on doing) something basic like shave, bathe, or brush your teeth, we hunters can be an illogical bunch. Check it out, and then let us know about your own hunting superstitions.

Spooky and Scary Hunting Stories - Eerie Experiences in the Woods
Here are a couple spooky hunting tales of mine, and I'm sure most hunters have had some eerie experiences in the woods. Especially under cover of darkness, things in the great outdoors can be pretty freaky. Check these out, and then add your own tales.

Spooky Scary and Eerie Hunting Stories
Read and share scary and spooky hunting stories. Read scary hunting tales and tell us about yours!

Don't Aim High, Hunters
I've personally known of two very nice whitetail bucks that went on their merry way because hunters over-estimated the distance and under-estimated their rifles' ability. They aimed high, and the deer snickered and left the premises. Come find out why you should almost never aim high when shooting at big game.

Hunting for Beginners
How to get started hunting for beginners - simple tips to help beginner hunters get started. Knowing where to begin is often the hardest part, and this article takes beginner hunters through each step of the journey to actually getting out into the woods to hunt.

Russ Chastain's Hunting Vehicles - Trucks and Off-Road Vehicles I've Owned
This is about the trucks and off-road vehicles I've owned and used for hunting, and it includes some of my favorite trucks and ATVs. They've all been good to me - but some have treated me a little better than others.

The Best Deer You Ever Got
What's the best deer you ever got? It doesn't have to be the biggest one around, and doesn't even have to be a buck! It just needs to have personal significance for you, and be the best one you feel you've ever brought home.

What's Your Most Memorable Hunt?
Tell us about your most memorable hunt, and read what others have to say about theirs!

Hunting Outfitter
Definition of hunting outfitter. Is it someone who sells hunting clothes, or someone who take folks hunting? Yep... read the article to learn more.

Hunting Life After Death
I continued to hunt after my father died, and the next deer season was my most productive to date. Although tainted by his absence, my "best worst hunting season" is something I'm proud of, for more reasons than the venison in my freezer and the buck head that will hang on my wall. I faced a tough challenge and I made it through, with the help of God and good friends.

Spanish Style Ground Venison (Deer)
Recipe for Spanish-style ground venison. A great and flavorful way to cook ground deer meat!

Deer Venison Chili
Recipe for Venison Chili. This Chili made with deer meat is mighty tasty, and has been used many times. I sure do like it!

Enjoy and Savor Hunting With Family and Friends
Savor the time you have to hunt together with your family and friends, because nothing lasts forever. Trust me. My Favorite Hunting Buddy has gone on to the happy hunting grounds, while I'm left behind here on Earth.

The Ultimate Hunting Partner
Some insights on what makes a great hunting buddy.

Profile of Quail, From a Hunter's Viewpoint
Profile of the quail as a game bird. While there are many species of quail, this covers the basics and serves as an introduction to this mighty, but small, bird. Quail have fascinated, stumped, and thrilled hunters for years, and it's not likely that it will stop doing so anytime soon.

Profile of Cottontail Rabbit, From a Hunter's Viewpoint
Profile of the cottontail rabbit. This is one of the most-hunted small game critters in North America.

Profile of Eastern Gray Squirrel, From a Hunter's Viewpoint
Profile of the Eastern Gray Squirrel, or Cat Squirrel. This is the most-hunted squirrel in the USA (if not the world), and one of the most-pursued critters ever to gnaw a nut from a tree limb

Hunting Product Review - Princeton Tec Yukon Extreme LED Xenon Headlamp
From what I've seen of their headlight products, Princeton Tec is a clear leader in the field. This light is no exception; it is well-made and well-designed. While the remote battery pack can be awkward and may get in the way, its capacity of 8 AA batteries makes this the brightest headlight I have ever used - and it allows one to keep the batteries inside clothing in extreme cold. The on/off switch is easy to operate, and the same switch changes light modes easily. This is a very good light.

How to Walk in the Woods
An easy-to-follow How to on Walking in the Woods

How to Defend Hunting
A quick and easy How to on Defending Hunting

How to Hunt Responsibly
How should a hunter act in the field? After all, he or she is representing all hunters, so it is crucial to act responsibly.

Questions About Hunting & Hunters - are they all a bunch of bloodthirsty jerks?
Some folks don't "get" hunters and hunting. Who can blame them? It's tough to explain. But when questions come up, I do my best to answer them. Here are some questions from a non-hunter, and my response.

Bobcats - some of my hunting experience with them, and why I will kill a ...
I have seen a number of bobcats while deer hunting, and I will shoot every one that gives me the chance. This article is a discussion of some of my hunting experience with them, and why I will kill a wild cat when I can.

The Best of Time - Time spent in the woods hunting is some of the best there is!
The Best of Time - Time spent in the woods hunting is some of the best there is! Time flies, time drags... but it's all time well-spent. By Russ Chastain

Product Review Summary - ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliance
Product Review Summary - ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent Appliance. This unique item is the best thing I've ever seen for beating the skeeters back so you can enjoy your time outdoors hunting or fishing.

Product Review Summary - Gunslinger Corral Compact Rifle Holster
Product Review Summary - Gunslinger Corral Compact Rifle Holster. This little item works great to allow you to carry a rifle or shotgun on a sling, hands-free.

Why do Hunters Kill?
When there's so much meat available down at the butcher's counter, why must hunters kill their own meat?

Review of FireTacks Trail Markers
FireTacks Trail Markers are super-reflective tacks meant for marking your trail so you can find your way easily at night, as long as you have a light.

Index of Hunting and Shooting How-tos
Index of Hunting and Shooting How-tos

Wandering the Woods - I've always loved to walk in the woods.
My wandering feets often take me from one end of the woods to another, and back again. It's been this way since my youth; walking while hunting seems to have gotten into my blood.

Alaska Outdoors Directory
This site provides all kinds of info on outdoor activities in Alaska, including hunting and fishing.

Hunting Pet Peeves and Annoyances
So - you've scouted long and hard and carefully, selected a hunting spot that gives you confidence, you've labored hard to haul your stand and/or...

Hunting Pet Peeves and Annoyances from Readers - User Answers Pet Peeves and...
Is there anything that really annoys you when you're hunting? Something that ruined the hunt for you? Here's your chance to tell us about it!

Hunting and Hunters Superstitions - Tell us Your Odd Beliefs That Hunters...
Hunters have had superstitions for as long as there have been hunters. Lucky socks? Special pair of underwear that make you a better shot? Tell us about your superstitions, or some notable ones you've seen from other hunters.

Delicious Bacon-Topped Deer and Turkey Meatloaf Recipe
I love this recipe for cooking great meatloaf using ground meat from deer I've harvested. Enjoy!

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