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Spanish Model 93 Mauser 7x57 7mm Rifle Build Part Three - More Gunsmithing Work


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Polishing the Feed Ramp
Polishing a feed ramp is a great way to help a gun feed ammunition more smoothly.

I decided to polish the feed ramp, so ammo would move from the magazine to the chamber more smoothly. The photo on the left shows the ramp before I polished it, and of course the right side of the image shows it after polishing.

Photo © Russ Chastain
As I continued working on the Spanish '93 Mauser rifle I was resurrecting, I decided to polish the feed ramp.

When a cartridge is being chambered, the bolt pushes on its head from behind and its nose (the tip of the bullet) encounters the feed ramp, which directs it upward, towards the chamber. Most military rifle ammunition, for which this rifle was originally built, has tough metal jackets on their bullets, and the tips of them are pretty tough - so even a rough feed ramp can do a good job.

For target and hunting ammo, different bullets are used, and their tips are often more delicate. Jamming their noses into a rough feed ramp can damage them, which can lead to problems with accuracy and/or terminal performance (how they act when they hit their target).

Therefore, polishing a feed ramp can be a great thing for a sporter rifle.

As you can tell, the left side of the image shows the ramp before polishing, and the right side is after. I polished with Matz abrasive rubber tips in a Dremel tool.

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