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Scope Reticles or Crosshairs - Types of Reticles and Their Uses


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Redfield Range Finding Scope Reticle Crosshair
Scope reticle crosshair Redfield range finding

This is a Redfield range finding scope reticle. In my opinion, it's a poor crosshair for hunting, because it's just too fine. In fact, I removed this scope from a hunting rifle and replaced it with one that costs less - because it had a plex reticle.

Photo © Russ Chastain
This is a photo of the reticle in a Redfield 4x-12x scope which was probably made in the 1970s, when Redfield was a leader in sporting optics. To those who know how, it can be used to estimate range to a target - or it can simply be used as a conventional scope.

I'm not fond of this reticle for hunting because the crosshairs are much too fine, the dot can be difficult to see, and determining range to a game animal is not necessary for most rifles in most hunting situations - and can be more easily and accurately measured these days using a laser range finder. Also, it can be difficult to sight a target using only the black dot if the target happens to be black, as most targets are.

This represents a slight improvement over plain crosshairs, but I won't hunt with it unless I don't have a better choice.

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