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Ruger P345 Review of Semi-Auto 45 ACP Pistol


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Ruger P345 Pistol Review - Right Side With 1911
Right side of Ruger P345 45 ACP semi-automatic pistol and Colt Government Model (1911).

Right side of Ruger P345 45 ACP semi-automatic pistol and Colt Government Model (1911).

Photo Copyright Russ Chastain
I realize that comparing the Ruger P345 and the Colt 1911 is an apples-and-oranges kind of thing, and I certainly don't claim that the P345 can or will in any way exceed the 1911 in popularity, durability, or longevity. I'm just trying to give some perspective on the P345, and most pistol fans are familiar with the 1911.

Nothing feels or shoots like a good 1911, but the P345 does feel good. It feels even better with a loaded magazine installed, which helps its balance. The grip design exceeds that of the P89 by leaps and bounds, features a lot of molded-in checkering, and has a slimmer portion up top where a shooter's thumb and trigger finger lie.

While the overall length of the 1911 is just about 0.75" longer than the P345, the 1911's slide is only about 0.2" longer than the P345. At just a smidge over four inches (mine measures 4.05"; Ruger calls it 4.20"), the P345's barrel is almost an inch shorter than the 1911's five-incher.

The right side of the P345 is marked as such: "45 AUTO" and a Ruger proof mark on the right side of the barrel; "STURM, RUGER & CO. INC." and "SOUTHPORT, CONN. U.S.A." on right side of slide below the ejection port; and a metal insert at the top rear of the polymer frame contains the serial number. The grip is mirror image of the left side, with the same RUGER name and red phoenix logo.

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