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How to Use a Rifle Sling for Accuracy and Comfort


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Keep Your Rifle on the Correct Side of Your Shoulder
Carry your rifle in front of your shoulder, not behind it.

Don't carry your rifle behind you. Keep it up front, where it can be kept safely under your control - and be very easy to access when you need it.

Photo © Russ Chastain
When you're shooting a rifle, the gun ought to be in front of your shoulder, right? So why carry your rifle with the sling in front and the rifle in back? That makes no sense; any hunter should be ready to quickly bring his or her rifle to bear on whatever target may present itself. Whether it's a trophy buck or a charging bear, I want my gun to live between me and it, so I almost always tote my gun up front.

Slip your sling over your weak arm (left for most shooters) and over your shoulder, keeping the sling behind your shoulder and the gun up front. If your sling is anywhere close to the proper length and your rifle is of conventional styling (i.e. not a bullpup or other radical departure from tradition), this will allow your weak hand to comfortably rest in the pistol-grip area of the stock.

Simply grasping the wrist of the stock with your left hand with finger and thumb will provide you with good control of the gun. So, there ya go. Your gun is up front and under control, and can easily and almost effortlessly be kept from accidentally slipping off your shoulder by grasping lightly with your off-side hand.

How easy is it to shoulder the gun from this position? See the next couple pages to find out.

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