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How to Field Strip an AK-47 Rifle (and Variants)


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How to Unload an AK-47
How to Field Strip an AK-47. How to remove the magazine from the rifle.

Removing the magazine from the rifle. You press the release with your thumb and rotate the bottom of the magazine forward (to the right in the photo).

If you own one of these guns, you need to know how to field strip an AK47, or variants such as this WASR-10, the SAR, and others.

First, remove the magazine by grasping it in your hand with your fingers wrapped around the front of the magazine. Depress the magazine release lever (just behind the magazine on the front of the trigger guard) with your thumb, and rotate the magazine forward.

Then rotate the safety/selector lever downward and pull rearward on the bolt handle to open the action and ensure that the chamber is empty. Allow the bolt to return to its forward position.
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