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Savage 110 Rifle Rebarrel 30-06 to 338-06

Going From Run-of-the-Mill to a Custom Rifle


The impetus for this Savage rifle rebarrel project dates back a few years, to late 2005 and the then-new 338 Federal cartridge. It turned me on, as you can tell by the article I wrote on the 338 Federal. I don't usually get cranked up about a new cartridge, but this one was different. I like big bullets, and I like fast ones. Put them together in a flat-shooting short-action package, and what's not to love?

Well, the years rolled on by, and from time to time I would sniff around for a bargain-priced short-action Savage that I could rebarrel to 338 Fed, but I didn't find any. I had a nice short-action Savage rifle (in 308 Win), but it has been so good to me that I couldn't bear to mess with it.

Then, in late 2010, I ended up with a Savage 110 with AccuTrigger in 30-06. I already had the same model in better shape, and the wheels started turning as I pondered just what kind of happiness I could create with it.

Sadly, the 338 Federal is already fading away, so barrels aren't as easy to find anymore. Plus, this is a long-action rifle, so why not go with a long-action cartridge? From there, the decision was easy, and I soon had parts and tools on the way to convert this run-of-the-mill rifle into a one-of-a-kind shootin' iron.

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The completed rifle, with Sightron SII Big Sky scope, neoprene cartridge holder, and Super Sling.The Completed Rifle, a Custom Savage in 338-06When the Barrel kit arrived from Brownell's, the barrel was sticking out through the inner box.The Barrel Tried to Get Away!Opened barrel kit package, showing how the barrel busted out.The E.R. Shaw Barrel Kit, After I Opened the BoxWheeler Engineering action wrench and barrel vise.Wheeler Engineering Barrel Vise and Action Wrench
Savage barrel and action, in barrel vise.Action and Barrel in Vise, With Lock nut Wrench in PlaceSavage barrel and action, in barrel vise, attempt to remove lock nut.Attempting to Loosen the Lock NutBarrel in vise, action removed.Savage 110 Rebarrel: Action Removed From BarrelBarrel in vise, lock nut removed. This is the barrel shank of a Savage factory 30-06 barrel.Savage 110 Rebarrel: The Naked Factory Barrel
Savage Model 110 action with the barrel removed. The notch is where the recoil lug engages.Savage 110 Rebarrel: Receiver Without BarrelSavage Model 110 action with the barrel removed.Savage 110 Rebarrel: Right Side of ReceiverNew barrel in my lathe. The thing with the four bolts sticking out is the "spider."Savage 110 Rebarrel: Chucking the Barrel in my LatheNew barrel in my lathe, attempt to cut it off with a parting tool.Savage 110 Rebarrel: Beginning a cut Using a Parting Tool
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