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How to Change the Magazine on a Simonov SKS Rifle

Removing the Factory 10-Round SKS Magazine Means You Can Use Removable Magazines


It's not hard to remove the magazine from an SKS rifle, but be aware that it may not be legal to do so to your SKS. Stupid laws exist which limit what you can do with your particular gun.

The Simonov (SKS) rifle, originally fielded by the Russian/Soviet military in the throes of World War II, has seen hard use in many armed conflicts. And while it's anything but pretty, it's durable, often surprisingly accurate, affordable, and customizable. All of these things make it a gun worth having.

The SKS has been used much for deer and hog hunting, (its 7.62x39mm cartridge packs almost as much punch as the 30-30 Win), but often the factory ten-round magazine is too large to be legal. Magazine capacity for semi-automatic hunting rifles is often restricted, usually to five (5) rounds, so one must remove the factory mag and install a smaller one, or alter the original magazine.

I usually prefer not to alter factory hardware unless it's broken.

Click on the top left photo below to begin.

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Yugoslavian SKS with new magazine to be installed.New SKS Magazine Ready to be InstalledSKS trigger guard, showing trigger group retainer.SKS Trigger Guard, Showing Trigger Group Retainer.This shows where to put your tool when removing the SKS trigger assembly.Where to Put Your Tool When Removing the Trigger Assembly.Put the safety in the "safe" position before you try to remove the trigger group.SKS Safety in Safe Position
Trigger group released, and about to be removed from the gun.SKS Trigger Group Ready to be RemovedSKS trigger group removed, factory magazine hanging open.SKS Trigger Group RemovedNew and old magazines. New 5-round Tapco mag is on the left.SKS Magazines, New and OldTop view of new and old SKS mags. Again, the new Tapco five round magazine is on the left.Tops of SKS Magazines, Old and New
This shows the front end of the trigger assembly properly engaged, so it cam be re-installed.Front of SKS Trigger Guard in PlaceSide view of the SKS trigger group, ready to be swung upward to engage with its retainer.SKS Trigger Group, Ready to be InstalledSKS trigger group installed, new mag in place.SKS Trigger Group Installed With New MagazineSide view of SKS with new low-cap magazine in place.Side View of SKS With New Low-Capacity Magazine Installed
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