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Limb Saver Recoil Pad

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating


Looks good, and feels even better.

SVL Limb Saver Slip-on Recoil Pad on Ruger Red Label Shotgun

Russ Chastain

The Bottom Line

Folks, this is absolutely the best recoil pad I have seen or used, and I have used many. I have Pachmayr Decelerators on a couple of rifles, and they're good - but Limb Saver is better. I have seen it tame a shoulder-eating 300 Win Mag, a 12-gauge slug gun, a 350 Rem Mag, a 270 WSM, and others, and in every case the result was wonderful. The slip-on pad was easy to install and works as well as screw-on pads. If you want a recoil pad that really lives up to its name, Limb Saver is the way to go.

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  • Best recoil pad I have ever used.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Developed by shooters, for shooters.
  • Slip-on pad is very easy to install.
  • Much, much better than the factory pad.


  • Pad may be "grabby" and hinder fast shouldering (it didn't do so for us).


  • Recoil pad made of Sims Vibration Laboratory's (SVL's) Navcom material.
  • Available in precision-fit, grind-to-fit, and slip-on models. All work equally well.
  • The slip-on pads cost less than others because they require no hard backing plate.
  • The best recoil pad I have ever used. They feel good and look good, too.
  • Remington also markets this pad, calling it the R3.

Guide Review - Limb Saver Recoil Pad

I rarely brag on a product, but in this case I just can't help myself.

I first tried the Limb Saver at a Remington seminar. Remington had just begun marketing the Limb Saver as the R3 recoil pad, and it was on several of the guns demonstrated. I fired two shotguns - one with hard-hitting Buckhammer slugs - and a rifle with that pad, and became a believer in short order.


A friend had a rifle in 300 Win Mag, a shoulder-eating son of a gun. I told him about Limb Saver. He ordered from a catalog and received the wrong size. He contacted SVL and they promptly replaced his pad with the proper size. When he first fired the rifle with the new pad, he turned to me with clasped hands, saying, "Thank you, thank you!" He was - and is - very pleased with his Limb Saver pad.


When I got a Ruger Red Label over/under 12 gauge shotgun, I took it to the range to shoot clays. The factory "pad" - red as a brick and about as soft as one - left my shoulder aching. SVL didn't make a precision-fit pad for my gun, so I got a medium slip-on pad (#10547) and a medium grind-to-fit (#10542).

Everybody Loves It

When Dad saw the grind-to-fit pad, he whipped out his old Browning o/u. His gun had an old, cracked Pachmayr pad. He ended up with my grind-to-fit pad on his gun, and the old screw holes matched up perfectly. The new pad was just a hair oversize, almost perfect. We were both pleased, and when we shot clays after installing the two pads, everyone who was there shot with the Limb Saver and loved it.

- Russ Chastain


Manufacturer's Site

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